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Social Media Easter Eggs

Posted by Samara Parker
April 21st, 2014

Today is Easter Monday.

It is a holiday where I currently live, The Netherlands, and where I am originally from, Canada.

Easter Monday is a day for sleeping off your chocolate-bunny-induced sugar hangover, for eating pancakes in bed, and for discovering strange and mysterious “Easter eggs” on the internet. No, I’m not talking about finding actual candy online. That technology does not exist… yet!

Nope. In this context, the term Easter egg refers to a hidden message – often an inside joke – or a little bonus feature, intentionally cached in a movie, computer game, website, online app etc…

The traditional hunt for internet Easter Eggs goes waaaay back – like 1990’s back—so you know we just can’t ignore it on the blog.

Today’s blog post is a bit of silly Easter fun. Next week we’ll get back to the hard-hitting social media journalism that you know and love, but for now, check out these delightful Easter eggs hidden inside the workings of your favorite social networks:

Our first find, a video about Easter eggs on Facebook, is almost sweeter than Peeps (those awful yellow-marshmallow bird-shaped candies that you hate to love). How could you not want to emoji yourself, or change your language settings to “Pirate” for a couple of days?

There are even some actually useful tips, like paying to send strangers a message (source much?), or finding your “hidden messages”.

Once you have finished playing with “Upside Down English” on Facebook, head on over to HubSpot and check out this article that shares 13 of the best hidden gems on the internet.

I am particularly partial to the YouTube Easter egg: Beam Me up Scotty! It makes me smile every time.

.. and speaking of YouTube, here are 12 YouTube Easter eggs that are completely worth the time suck. One of them even features a flying rainbow-cat for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Easter Monday, happy Easter egg hunting, and – if you don’t get today off – happy social recruiting!