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Visual Content Creation Tools

Posted by Samara Parker
October 1st, 2014

Effective social recruiting is about more than just posting jobs on Twitter.

If all you share is job ads, unless the name of your company is Apple, then you won’t attract a lot of followers.

Developing a diverse content strategy is an essential part of building your online employer brand.

That strategy must include image-based content, because it is the most effective kind of content for encouraging engagement.

According to content marketing pros, like the Buffer team:

“Tweets with images receive 150 percent more retweets.” – Click to Tweet

So, to help you grow your employer brand…

Here are 5 tools to help you create visual content:


Recite is a simple tool that allows you to turn quotes into images that you can then share to Facebook or Twitter.

People love quotes, almost as much as they love visual content, so Recite is an excellent and super easy way to get more shares.

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Canva provides templates, fonts, and curated photographs with which to create beautiful visual content to share on all your social networks.

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Infogram and Easel.ly

Not only are infographics a highly engaging form of content, they are also an excellent tool for communicating your company culture.

This is because they allow you to express data and information about your company to candidates visually.

Infogram is a gorgeous, and very reasonably priced tool (there are free options) that allows you to create your own detailed Infographics with a variety of charts, graphs, and even maps.

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Easel.ly is a less gorgeous, but completely free tool, for building infographics, though it does not provide nearly as many options as Infogram.

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Easel.ly is a far simpler tool than Infogram, and I find it easier to use, so it is better for small projects. Infogram is best for larger, more important projects.


Placeit allows you embed your own images and video into placeholders. This an excellent way to make your visual content look more slick and professional.

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These tools will help you create incredible visuals to make your brand shine.

They’re also a whole lot of fun!

So get out there and play.