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Fixing Social Media Mistakes, There's (Almost) An App For That!

Posted by Samara Parker
August 7th, 2013

Do you ever have one of those weeks where absolutely nothing works?

"Nope, never have, never will" - Said, Nobody Ever!

I am writing this on Tuesday, only one day into the week, and I've already had a Mailchimp disaster, broke a pair of headphones, and dropped a dumbbell on my foot (this actually happens to me pretty regularly, but still!)

The broken headphones and slightly damaged toes are pretty easy to recover from, but Mailchimp mistakes, like diamonds, are forever!

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So what better topic to cover in today's Link Love than social media blunders!

Everyone makes mistakes. It's the choices you make in trying to correct them that really matter. Don't do what I did and bury your face in a bowl of coconut milk ice-cream, do what these fantastic articles suggest you do instead.

Link Time!

This lovely article by Sharlyn Lauby of hrbartender fame is a great reminder that, no, we can't "unring the bell", but we can definitely ring it again! She does a great job of reminding us that recovering from mistakes is all about moving on and doing better next time. I'm also going to link to her rant about how

"sorry is not a customer service program", because it is hilarious and very, very true!

If you recruit in the 21st century, then you probably have a career site. If you don't, here's how to get start a Fully Branded Facebook Career Page.

Otherwise, read this awesome step-by-step guide to fixing landing page mistakes, if not for the information it provides, then at least for the hilarious cartoon it features.

Recruitment guru Jim Stroud explains what the top HR mistakes are and how to fix them on his blog, The Recruiters Lounge. This is probably the most serious post I've read of Jim's, although that may be because I usually prefer to watch his awesome and hilarious video blogs.

But what if you've made a recruiting mistake so terrible you can't bare to face the repercussions? You've hired someone who really, really isn't working out and now you have to let them go. Thankfully, I've only ever had to do this once myself. It was horrible. I cried afterwards. A lot. If only I'd had a better game plan, like this blog post by Ron Ashkenas, explaining how to fire someone the right way.

Or even better, if I'd had access to Tim Sackett's hypothetical "iFire" app to do the dirty work for me!

"Slip-ups are inevitable, especially in the fast-paced, gut-reaction world of social media." No matter how many preventative measures you may take! But, fear not, Mashable has you covered with this post about how to bounce back after a social media disaster.

They also include some of the WORST social media PR facepalms to have graced the interwebs, which will make you feel much better about any slip ups you may have made yourself. Unless you tweeted topless vacation pics from your company account... Then you may as well just start in on the ice-cream ASAP!

Hopefully these articles help you as much as they've helped me, and hopefully Tim can find a developer for his app.