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What's New in the World of Facebook?

Posted by Samara Parker
April 10th, 2013

It’s time for another edition of Link Love Facebook Style.

Not to be confused with Link Love Gangnam Style. Which sadly, I will never actually get to write, as it would make me look very behind the times, which is basically a death sentence in the land of social media. Missed the boat on that meme big time.

Thankfully for my blog-writing, Facebook is a never-ending source of updates, policy changes and (Sponsored) stories to report on. It also doesn’t hurt that, at Jobcast, Facebook is our bread and butter. So, sorry developers, your frustration is this girl’s literary gold!

And heavens to Betsy (yes, I’ve been watching Mad Men), this past couple of weeks, the Facebook related news has been extra juicy. What better way to celebrate than by linking to other peoples’ blog posts? Maybe with pizza and cake, but Link Love is far more artery-friendly. So there.

Obviously, the biggest headline is the release of Facebook Home for Android (sorry iPhone users, self included). And leave it to GigaOm to write a hilariously sarcastic yet super informative article all about it. This article outlines the pros and cons of Facebook home and provides lots of screenshots/animated gifs.

Best line:

“Should I Buy It?
If by buy you mean buy the HTC First, which is pre-loaded with Home, no, because Home is a free download and the HTC First is a junker.”

Sooooo sassy!

Next up, Jill Duffy warns about the possibility of unwanted Facebook (Home) invasion. And she set me up for that killer pun! Love her.

Facebook Threaded Comments are another recent release from the social network. The new API is a much less sexy topic than FB Home, but more relevant to Facebook recruiting and branded Pages. Here the social network itself outlines how the new Facebook Threaded Comments are going to work.

Even more recently, Facebook announced that it has opened its Graph API to allow developers to create tools that manage Threaded Comments.

Companies like Conversocial are moving fast to capitalize.

Last, but not least… well kind of least, actually. Facebook is testing out new language to try and get more users to buy Promoted Posts. They’re hoping that using terms like “Boost” and “Advertise” will be more enticing. Personally, I think the updates to Facebook’s News Feed will be a huge push for Page owners to pay for advertising, but that’s just me.

Oh, and it might also have something to do with just how slowly Facebook is rolling out the changes to News Feed.

Well, there you have it! Two more links than usual, I’m on fiiiiire.

Happy Linking!