Job Sync

Job Sync creates a seamless job application process both for you and job seekers by connecting your ATS with Jobcast.

What is Job Sync?

Integrate your ATS with Jobcast! Job Sync will read your existing website, ATS, XML feed, or list of jobs. It pulls all of the job information, including the name, location, closing date, any category information, simple text formatting and application location, and publishes it on your Jobcast Page. From there, the jobs published on your own ATS will be automatically shared across all social networks you have set up, without any extra effort.


Our monthly cost is $129, on top of whatever basic plan you have. There are no additional set-up costs or hidden fees. You can manage your Job Sync subscription under Billing in your dashboard, right below your basic plan.

It typically takes 5 business days to set up. If your ATS or list of jobs changes in format, there may be up to a 5 business day downtime. Please let us know in advance if you plan to change your ATS while under Job Sync.


You must have a base plan, provide a source URL, and if the capacity of your base plan is smaller than the number of jobs you have available, we will need to know which jobs you would like synchronized.

In order for Job Sync to be possible, your jobs must:

  • have separate URLs for each individual job posting without requiring any credentials or a login
  • be stored in a dedicated XML feed and

It is sometimes possible to use Job Sync when the above conditions are not met. Please contact us for consultation.


Questions? Contact us through our in-app Live Chat or email us at