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Breakin' The Law! But it's in the name of better social recruiting, so it's cool.

Posted by Samara Parker
April 24th, 2013

There are lots and lots and lots of rules. In recruiting, in HR, in social media. In life.

Although we like to say that rules are meant to be broken, for the most part, they're not. The rules are there to keep us safe from speeding cars, bad grammar, and to prevent us from alienating those around us.

In general, the rules are there to keep us from becoming unpopular, well-spoken, and out of the hospital, but they do occasionally warrant a little stretching. Maybe even the occasional breaking... And sometimes, it turns out, those rules are just plain wrong and it's time to re-examine why they became rules to begin with!

This week's links have a little something for the goody two-shoes, for the rebels, and also for those of us that fall squarely in the middle.

Of course it's best to lead with your most controversial content. Such as, this list of productivity boosters that go against everything that general wisdom would advise.

Buffer explains how we can improve productivity through procrastination, saying no and just plain giving up. The rebel in you can rejoice and be more productive, which means more time drag-racing and shopping for leather jackets. Awesome!

After waaaay too many social media gurus wrongly declaring the death of job boards, it has become pretty taboo to challenge their importance for recruiting. It may be time to break that rule though, as it looks like the popularity of job boards is starting to wain. You should probably start using the Jobcast app to recruit with Facebook, just sayin'!

This next link speaks to those of us lodged firmly in the middle. More specifically, to those of us who like a good dirty joke, but only if it's both hilarious and appropriate. It discusses K-Mart's viral commercial and how, despite being attention-grabbing, it wasn't a great move as far as their branding goes. It also makes the case that humour in HR is pretty risky business and should be used with caution!

Lastly, here's a gift for those of us who love rules, rules, and more rules! New rule number one, never cross your arms again, never! This Ted Talk breaks down the rules of powerful body language and how to make it work for you.

Oh, and I simply can't resist. Here are some important "rules" thought up by comedian Paul Rust... His New No-Nos are so funny, you'll bust a gut. A gut is not a rule, so feel free to bust it.