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October 17
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It seems like right now is a great to be looking for a job. Steady growth seems to be a trend that's going to continue in many industries, and U.S. unemployment rates are down below 5%. Whether you're currently unemployed looking for a job, employed looking at your options or just coming out of school, now's the time to look at something new. The job categories that grew the most this year have been Community and Social Service, which grew 14.61% and Computer and Mathematics, which grew by 14.49%. These two grew by far the most, however next up with slightly smller, yet still impressive growth numbers are Health Care Practitioners and Technicians, which grew by 9.89%, and Construction and Extraction, which grew by 9.24%. Rounding out the top 5 categories is Art, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media with 8.42% growth. The national average for growth is 4.47%. As far as cities are concerned, New York grew the most in all categories. They were leaders in 4 out of the 5 categories, as well as saw growth of almost 10% higher than the next best city in Computers and Mathematics. While the large centers on the east and west coasts saw tremendous growth, large growth was seen in every corner of the country. The full list, provided by ABODO, with a full breakdown of each sector is below.

Breakdown of Top Performing Cities in Each Occupation

This is a more specific breakdown of the top 10 cities in each occupation field. Categories below are:

  • Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media

  • Health Care Practitioners and Technical

  • Construction and Extraction

  • Computer and Mathematics

  • Community and Social Service

Major Jobs in this Category:

  • Actors

  • Journalists

  • Public Relations and Communications Practitioners

  • Social Media Specialists

  • Designers

  • Musicians

  • Athletes

As you can see, these type jobs are concetrated in the urban metropolitan areas. Unsurprisingly, Los Angeles leads the country. Its location quotient of 2.69 reflects the extensive infrastructure of the film and television industries. Similarly, New York City — the publishing, theater, and art capital of the United States — holds an extremely high location quotient of 1.95.This map looks like a cultural heat map of the United States, with cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and Nashville confirming their general reputations for artsy cool. One surprise on this list could be Columbus, OH, which even at the #10 spot shows a robust location quotient of 1.11. The city, home to both Ohio State and Columbus College of Art and Design, has emerged in recent years as an art and fashion mecca. In fact, Columbus employs more fashion designers than any city in the country not named Los Angeles or New York City.

Major Jobs in this Category:

  • Physicians

  • Surgeons

  • Support Technologists

  • Lab Technicians

  • Dentists

  • Chiropractors

  • Therapists

Because of the nature of this field, the playing field is incredibly level across the board. The aspects of growth in this category could involve an aging population in those cities, or a growth in the amount of labs moving in those towns.

Major Jobs in this Category:

  • Carpenters

  • Plumbers

  • Welders

  • Heavy Machinery Operators

  • Construction Workers

  • Roofers

The data in this graphic shows where the biggest growth in the housing market is happening. The extensive population growth in Texas is displayed here, as well as the housing lull happening throughout the Midwest. Skewing mainly to the South and West, the booming economies of Texas, Arizona and, to a lesser extent, California are evident. Denver is seeing a large boost in it's housing market and economy, making them a diamond in the rough as far as the Midwest is concerned.

Major Jobs in this Category:

  • Software Developer

  • Marketing Coordinator

  • Graphic Designers

  • Digital Specialists

  • Programmers

  • Web Designers

This fast-developing industry continues to see its major growth on the West Coast. Major hubs in San Jose, San Francisco and Seattle are expected, while the spots for Denver, Boston and Columbus are slightly more unexpected. Because of the lighting fast nature of this category, the growth and decline numbers are always going to be skewed in one direction or the other.

Major Jobs in this Category:

  • Social Workers

  • Counselors

  • Probation Officers

  • Religious Officers

  • Environmental Workers

  • Substance Abuse Workers

Philadelphia is the leader in this category, while Boston, New York, and Detroit follow closely. While the other categories tend to lean towards more metropolitan areas, this category is more concentrated in smaller, less densely populated areas. For a more in-depth breakdown check out ADOBO full analysis.

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April 1
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December 23
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