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Recruiting Passive Candidates: Twitter, Video, Mobile, and a Case Study

Posted by Samara Parker
February 12th, 2014

Passive Candidates, you know why they’re important, you know how to source them, and you know how I think you can recruit them.

But what do I know?!

Well, a fair bit actually… In fact I would say that social recruiting, with a specific focus on converting passive candidates, is one of the things I know best! It makes me very boring at parties!

Anyways, now that I have bragged a bunch at you, I will confess, there are other passive candidate experts out there. In fact, don’t tell my boss, but a lot of those experts know a lot more than me, ssshhhh. Our secret.

In return for your silence, I will introduce you to some of those experts.

Here are 5 fantastic articles that will help you recruit passive candidates like a pro!

And a case study that you really ought to check out :)

Culture Fit lays down some serious knowledge in their article about deciding when you should look for passive candidates. No, it’s not technically a “how to”, but it’s always nice to know you’re putting your efforts in the right place before you get started.

The Undercover Recruiter shares how you can use mobile, social media and video to recruit passive candidates. Apparently this is also called recruitment 3.0… Are we seriously using 3.0? Am I old?

David Spark knows social media, he a veteran tech journalist and the founder of Spark Media Solutions, so he’s the perfect person to interview these 20 recruiting experts on how they use social media to recruit passive candidates.

Facebook may be our favorite social platform, but we would never deny the greatness of Twitter. In fact, I personally think combining Twitter and Facebook is the best way to tack social recruiting. In this blog post, Social Media Today gives you 5 tips on using Twitter for recruiting.

HR & Talent Management recommend using recruiting apps to find passive candidates.

I’d like to leave you with this super cool case study on how Earls Restaurant has successfully integrated Facebook into their recruiting strategy.

Happy social recruiting!