Recruiting Trends, Social Media, and How Coffee Makes You Work Better!

Posted by Samara Parker
April 8th, 2015

There are few elements so essential to the workday as a cup of coffee.

This magical beverage helps us survive boring meetings, early morning shifts, and email overload. And, according to a collaboration by CareerBuilder and Dunkin’ Doughnuts, coffee can even help us build relationships with our coworkers.

Coffee Lovers Rejoice: It Could Be Making You Better at Your Job – Lily Herman

Blog recruiting-trends-social-media-and-how-coffee-makes-you-work-better

This infographic provides some excellent excuses for indulging in a coffee break, or two, or three!

A strong cup of coffee is also the perfect companion for tackling social media. But this infographic is a strong runner up:

How to Manage Your Social Media in 34 Minute a Day – Shortstack

Shortstack’s infographic is an excellent step-by-step guide for covering all of your social media bases quickly and effectively.

Or you could just delegate social media to a millennial…

How are Millennials Shaping the Workforce? – Brian Fanzo with Robin Carey

As part of the #NewWaytoWork project Robin Carey interviews Brian Fanzo about how he and fellow millennials view work.

Recruiting Trends for 2015 – Sean Little

It should come as no surprise that the trends Sean talks about in his article are strongly influenced by an increased focus on attracting millennial job seekers.

Sean explains that companies must focus on transparency, mobile, and retention if they want to win the war for today’s talent.

Blog recruiting-trends-social-media-and-how-coffee-makes-you-work-better

5 Reasons Why I Love Working At Greatist - Ariella Coombs

Ariella’s blog post is a perfect example of employer branding done right.

She gives the reader a window into what it’s like working at Greatist and showcases the company’s culture and values in an extremely appealing way.

If you need inspiration for creating employer branding content, then definitely check out Ariella’s article!

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