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Denny's Social Media Grand Slam, Women of HR Tech, and More Trello

Posted by Samara Parker
July 30th, 2014

It is Wednesday.

Wednesday is international Link Love day.

That fact is untrue, but it sure sounds good doesn’t it?

Unlike that untrue fact the articles we’re sharing today not only sound good, but are well researched, informative, and not blatant lies… At least we hope not! 

Interesting thoughts on what makes a good hire in the age of social media by Ted Coine. 

“The Social Age is not the age of predictability and routine.” – Click to Tweet

For this reason, Ted suggests hiring with an emphasis on both the applicants specific skill set and their general interests/capacity for curiosity.

We suggest using social to reach this type of candidate!

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Denny’s certainly follows our advice… Okay, so I don’t technically know that they do, but they do make sure to incorporate multiple social networks into their strategy, and they do it with flare.

If you thought the only thing to love about Denny’s was their epically delicious Grand Slam breakfast, then think again. The Denny’s crew have an incredibly weird, wonderful and effective social media presence that we can all take some pointers from!

I’m willing to bet we could all learn a thing or two from these incredible female founders and CEOs of HR Tech.

Jessica Miller-Merrell noticed that “there was no list of female founders and CEOs of HR technology companies.” 

So she built one herself. Because she is rad.

Follow these amazing women of HR tech on Twitter by clicking here! 

Another woman of HR worth paying attention too is Sharlyn Lauby the HR bartender. Here are her 6 Steps for Auditing Your Company’s Candidate Experience.

Guess what made number one? Social recruitment that’s what!

Social is an essential element of your candidate’s experience, so make sure you’re using the best social recruitment tool on the market.

Speaking of social recruiting and HR Tech, it’s not (at least it shouldn’t be) just about attracting better candidates, it’s also about using tech and social to make your job easier. 

You all know by now that we love the Trello App, well here’s a reason for HR, recruiters, and employers to love it too: Here’s how to use Trello as a fantastic applicant tracking tool.

Enjoy these links, your day, and hopefully, some delicious pancakes too!