Social Recruiting: You're Doing it Wrong and Other Trends

Posted by Samara Parker
November 5th, 2014

Ripped from the headlines (Buzzsumo), we’re bringing you the hottest (most shared on LinkedIn) social recruiting articles of the week.

I don’t know about you, but I love using Buzzsumo to see what’s trending on the internet. Personally, I use Buzzsumo to find out about the latest social media releases, HR Tech news, and social recruiting articles.

Then I share these articles here with you our beloved readers.

Although I’ll probably have to find a new link loving strategy now...

According to Buzzsumo, here are the most shared social recruiting articles this week:

The first is actually targeted at job seekers, not employers or recruiters, but it’s an interesting reminder that job seekers also struggle with social recruiting best practices!

Social media use says what resume can't to recruiters

The next article is a must read for employers.

5 Reasons Why Your Social-Recruiting Strategy Isn't Working
Abby Perkins’ tips are blunt and to the point. I’m not sure that I agree with her third point, You’re Sticking to the Basics, as it actually serves many employers well to keep their social recruiting simple. But her fourth point, You’re Being Reactive Not Proactive, is bang on!

Blog social-recruiting-youre-doing-it-wrong-and-other-trends

Apparently it’s trendy to be critical of employers and their use of social media...

Employers Love Social and Mobile Recruiting--But They Don't Know How to Do It (Infographic)

This one comes to us from Inc. (no wonder the engagement is sky high!) The information presented is mostly taken from Jobvite's latest recruiting survey results.

Jobvite inspired infographics are another hot trend this week and Sharlyn Lauby’s first page Buzzsumo post proves it!

Recruiters: Target Your Audience [infographic] 

Blog social-recruiting-youre-doing-it-wrong-and-other-trends

Next up: How Social Media is Changing College Recruiting

This article is specific to sports recruiting and doesn’t transfer much to other fields of recruiting, but it’s a very interesting piece.

Did you know that if handled incorrectly, the universities can face serious penalties and sanctions from the NCAA (over social media posts concerning recruiting), even if the communication comes from someone outside the university athletic department?!

The Social Tester got a lot of engagement with yet another post blasting recruiters.

How to Help Your Recruiters Create a Great First Impression

The article warns employers that “some recruiters are creating a bad first impression of [their] company.” Eep!

Oh, and guess who made it on to Buzzsumo’s first page for social recruiting... We did!

Blog social-recruiting-youre-doing-it-wrong-and-other-trends

The Jobcast blog’s post, Social Recruiting Lessons Inspired by Facebook Rooms, made it. Barely. But we’re still pretty happy about it.

Enjoy these links and stay social.

PS. I did not include three other pieces of content that were on Buzzsumo’s front page because 2 of them  had nothing to do with social recruiting and the other was in a language that I do not speak, and therefore could not vet.