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Productivity, Old-School Recruiting, and Napping

Posted by Samara Parker
September 11th, 2013

It’s smack dab in the middle of the work week, which means it’s time for some Link Lovin’ to help us get over the hump that is Wednesday.

This week has been pretty great for HR and social media related content already, so there’s a lot to choose from, and I want to share ALL the things with all of you! Sadly, this is about as feasible as fitting every, single flavor of gelato into one small sized cone. Which is why I always choose a large cone, and why this week we're going to share 7 links instead of 5.

You heard me! It’s about to get crazy:

Crazy relaxing that is! First up is my very favorite link of the week. It’s my favorite for two very obvious reasons: it’s and Infographic, and it’s about napping. The science behind taking a perfect nap has been compiled into an Infographic  and published by the Wall Street Journal, so you know it’s legit. Napping boosts happiness and productivity, which is why better napping will make you better at your job and a better coworker. Big thanks to Jim Dougherty for bringing this cool graphic to my (and now your) attention!

Now for something a little more serious, but still pretty darn cool! Did you know that Facebook daily active user (DAU) numbers in Europe grew from 127 million to 182 million DAU. Ad revenue in Europe went from $245 million to $451 million from 2011 to 2013? Talk about global reach! To help companies capitalize on this crazy growth Facebook’s ad goals for the future are to become even simpler and more worldwide. The article linked does a great job of explaining these goals and what they mean for you.

Do you find yourself easily distracted by simplicity and pretty colours? That’s okay, so do I, and, according to Laurie Ruettimann so do most humans. This is why Laurie has laid out some great advice for choosing HR software without being sidetracked by flashy design.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact. Productivity is so important; we all want to be more productive all of the time. Sites like Lifehacker, books like The 4 Hour Work-Week, and apps like The Jobcast Facebook Recruiting App are all a response to this need. But it’s also important to remember how basic things, like taking notes with pen and paper, are often just as important for productivity as any high tech tool.

Bullet Journal is a great reminder of just how great a simple notebook can be.

Speaking of technology VS old-school methods, Morgan Hoogvelts’ latest article for advises recruiters to remember the basic principles of hiring. It’s true, love Facebook recruiting, but he makes some darn fine points with this post.

LinkedIn is gearing up to add more bells and whistles to their platform. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy LinkedIn and am really looking forward to the improved communication these updates will bring, I just wish they would improve their mobile app first!

The final article is from Inc Magazine and contains the Link Love quote of the week!

“People aren't engaged by programs; they're engaged by people.”

Important words to keep in mind when using social platforms to recruit, and when trying to get employees on board with your Facebook recruiting strategy and employer branding endeavours.  The article from which this quote is pulled explains why most employee engagement programs fail, and what to do about it!

Happy Link Loving, if you have any articles you’d like to share, let us know in the comments.