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Recruiting 101: Link Love Learning

Posted by Samara Parker
September 4th, 2013

Although it’s probably a terrible idea to date our blog content this way, I just can’t help myself…

September is here; it’s time to go back to school. Recruiting School that is! (So cheesy, yet so satisfying.)

This week’s Link Love will get you educated, and you won’t even need to sign up for an online course, or community college, or play beer pong!

From recruiting millennials, to not horribly offending your potential hires, each of these articles is a wealth of information for employers and recruiters alike.

Let the learning begin!

Millennials 101

Millennials are the new black, and not because they are trendy, but because they now make up a large percentage of job seekers. So, it’s important to know exactly how Gen Y feels about social media in the workforce and this article will teach you everything you need to know on the subject.

Millennials 102

Delving further into the topic of Gen Y, Dan Schawbel’s latest article for Harvard Biz is entitled: You’re Probably Wrong About Millennials!

I love, love, love Dan’s advice “to drop generational stereotypes and give Gen Y employees a chance to prove themselves.” And his down-to-earth tips for getting the most out of your millennial employees.

Facebook Edgerank 101

Warning, it is extremely helpful to re-visit Facebook Ads 101 before enrolling in this course!

In this excellent post, Meredith Soleau, breaks down exactly how you can beat Facebook Edgerank to get your job posts seen, liked, and shared. This article is mandatory for any student looking to pursue Facebook recruiting.

Tutorial: Avoiding Interview Disasters

Recruiting doesn’t end at converting candidates into applicants. You also have to interview those applicants and convince them that they want to work for you!

Here’s how to avoid the 7 deadly sins of the interviewing process by Ken Sundheim.

Employee Satisfaction 300 Level

Now that you’ve learned how to reach candidates, convert them into applicants, and interview those applicants like a *baws*, it’s time to talk about retention. Here’s how to reward employees the right way, and to make them feel appreciated while boosting retention.

Stay tuned for next week’s Link Love, where we discuss how to pack healthy lunches for recruiters, and how to keep office bullies at bay!

Unless, of course, I decide to cover a topic that is slightly more pertinent to our readers… Speaking of pertinent, if you have any links that you think we should feature, or ideas for blog topics, let us know in the comments.