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Facebook Recruiting Inspiration: From Corporate to Quirky

Posted by Samara Parker
August 28th, 2013

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Just don't go making any copy-right infringements and pointing at me when you get in trouble...

Moving right along. When it comes to social recruiting, there really is no better way to learn than by observation. Sure, tutorials and webinars are great; you'll learn the basics, the technical stuff, the rules, but it's not the same as seeing a great social recruiting strategy at work in the real world.

Observing a company’s employer branding and Facebook recruiting firsthand gives you a much better idea of what a good campaign looks like as a whole. An example lets you see the bigger picture, unlike most tutorials that simply explain all the specific parts of Facebook recruiting.

We recently interviewed Jessica Slusar, the “People Solutions Specialist” for Earls Restaurant about how the chain has been so successful with their employer branding and social recruiting. Her candid advice can be applied by any employer or recruiter looking to improve or even just start using social media and Facebook. Earls Wants You is a fantastic example to learn from... but a few more great examples can't hurt!

Today’s Link Love will showcase a range of different Facebook Employer and Career Pages. From tech, to retail, to construction, each of these companies is looking for a completely different kind of candidate, but all of them are using Facebook effectively to accomplish their goal.

Corporate and Upscale

The Corporate Recruiters Facebook Career Page screams professional. Their logo is large and in charge, and they've used bright yellow to make it stand out against a backdrop of grey to keep things classy. They also have a great recruiting video alongside their job postings. Of course recruiters would know how to make a super slick Career Page! If your employer branding is more business than casual Corporate Recruiters are a great source of inspiration.

Quirky and Fun

Esquel Group's Facebook Career Page is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Corporate Recruiters. Absolutely nothing about their Page says corporate, and this is a good thing as they are an apparel company!

What makes Esquel Group stand out is their decision to highlight company culture in a wonderfully quirky way. Their color scheme is bright and fun. Their banner shows employees looking smiley, and holding signs expressing what they love about working for Esquel. They also put up tons of fun pictures from company events. This is all great social proof for potential hires that Esquel is a great company to work for.

Young and Hip

VMInnovations Career Page is cool. Their Employer Branding portrays the company as forward thinking, and makes it clear that they are looking to hire people who fit that description as well. They are extremely direct in the way that they deliver their recruiting message:

"The only thing you will regret is that you didn’t join our team sooner!"

Which is perfect for targeting the type of candidates they are looking for. This message is consistant throughout their branding, but is most apparent from their choice of images and wording. Check 'em out!

Stability and Legacy

In contrast to VMI, PCL Construction's Facebook Career Page highlights the stability, family values, and long-term benefits their company has to offer. They do so with their imagery, but even more importantly in their profile write-up, which is heartfelt and well written. There message is a perfect way to appeal to candidates who are looking for longterm employment, with a company that they can grow with, and an environment that encourages co-workers to become a family, and work together, rather than compete with each other. Their Page is just plain heartwarming!

All four of these companies have done a great job of branding their Career Pages to appeal to the type of candidate they are looking to hire, and to showcase what matters most to them. They are all completely different, but each one is perfect for the company it represents.

To learn more about creating your own Fully Branded Facebook Career Page, check out the Jobcast Recruiting App.