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Best of Social Recruiting This Week

Posted by Samara Parker
December 11th, 2013

Okay. It's time.
They've been playing Christmas carols in the mall for almost a month now, there's weird tasting fruit cake at the grocery store, and my favorite YouTube fitness expert has taken to wearing a Santa hat whilst answering questions about power lifting.

If they can force holiday cheer upon me, then I can force it upon you!

Today's links are going to get you feeling festive, prepare you for all of the legal issues that make this time of year so terrifying for HR pros, and hopefully have you laughing out loud!

Speaking of legal issues, post-holiday party harassment suits are a real problem for employers and their staff. Employment and Labor Law lawyer, Michael Kass shares some simple ways employers can reduce the threat of post holiday party lawsuits.

Far more devastating to one's career than office party idiocy: giving your boss a terrible gift. Technically you do not have to give your boss a gift at all, but if your co-workers are all going to, then you kind of have to follow suit. And, let's face it, buying gifts is hard work. Well, not if your employer is a gen-Xer, thanks to Laurie Ruettimann's blogpost on what to buy your Gen-X boss!

I'll tell you a secret: as social as I am, and I am very social, I hate holiday staff parties. I hate them. Don't know why, just do. That's why this next link appealed to me so very much. Heather Bussing shares the most straightforward employer's guide to the holidays I have ever read. She holds back not one single punch, including the suggestion that employers forgo holiday parties all-together, and I love her for it!

Let's face it, more than cheer, more than parties, more than lawsuits even, the holidays are about advertising. Sprout Insights shares a great Infographic that explains why companies should use more than one social platform to advertise during the holidays, and possibly all times of year.

Here is the LOL I promised you: How to tell your kids there is no Santa. You should watch it even if you do not have children. Laughter is good for relieving stress, which is good for productivity. Everybody wins!

Happy Holiday Link Lovin'!