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Kicking it Old-School with Video Recruiting

Posted by Samara Parker
January 30th, 2013

Hello, dear readers!

Today I'm going to stop pretending like I'm a trendy human and instead give you some links about an old-school recruiting medium. By old-school, I mean waaaay old, like 2009 old!

2009 brought us a lot of cool stuff: Lady Gaga music videos, popular nerds, awkward family portraits and most importantly: an amazing article by ERE on video recruiting!

Who can pay attention to strangely dressed pop stars when there are blog posts about video recruiting to be read?!?

In August 2009, Kevin Wheeler wrote a brilliant piece for ERE called Why Recruiting Has to Go Video!  I reread this article recently and was blown away by how pertinent it still is today. Kevin outlines the basic ways in which video can be used for recruiting and gives a short explanation of why each is effective. All six of the points he makes have held up over time, which is really saying something when it comes to social media. I mean, honestly, it's pretty great if something written about social media is still relevant after a couple of months, let alone four years!

This article is also important because video still isn't getting the attention it deserves. Now I'm not saying every employer needs to go out and shoot a recruiting video with Vine, although it's a lot of fun! But, video is the most effective way to showcase company culture and is an important addition to any career page. If you don't believe me (after watching Jobcast's Vine Video it may be difficult to take me seriously about anything!) then these super talented and knowledgeable bloggers will convince you!

Link Time

What's the best way to learn about recruiting with video? By watching a video, obviously!

Jim Stroud's webinar about how to use video for recruiting is super informative. It is also hilarious and entertaining, like most of Jim's videos so you can learn from both his words and impactful graphics.

Yes, 2009 was grand! But this article has some more up-to-date, yet just as persuasive, stats about the benefits of video for recruiting.

Do you love the letter W? Of course you do — it's the silliest letter in the alphabet! Do you want some very simple tips about making recruiting videos? Yes! Then check out The 5 Ws of recruitment videos... They do cheat a little and end with an H, but I hope you won't hold it against them!

Jessica Miller-Merrell shares the 12 Best Employer Brand and Recruiting videos. They also happen to be the most hilarious!

I was going to share Will Ferrels spoof recruiting video from Funny or Die, but it's just too inappropriate for work. Although, thanks to the previous sentence, you have all the keywords you need to hunt it down with Google (or WebCrawler, if you're kicking it 1999. Now that's old-school!)

Last but not least, here's a fantastic example of how embedding a recruiting video can make you Facebook Career Page better!

Happy net surfing, I'm going to go play with Vine some more and call it research!