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Getting Started With Social Recruiting

Posted by Samara Parker
February 20th, 2013

On Monday we talked about taking the leap into social recruiting. We shared a few links to back up the argument for using social to find talent, and also some apps to help implement social recruiting strategies. But there is so much more to add to that list!

Social recruiting is getting bigger and bigger. The definition itself is expanding along with the social networks that make it possible.

From employee referrals to job boards to Vine Videos, the evolution of social is fast and furious. And much like the fantastic film Fast and Furious 5 3D IMAX, it can be pretty overwhelming. But, thankfully, like the plot of every movie in the Fast and Furious series, the basic premise remains exactly the same! Create a strategy, implement that strategy, measure your success, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

You could do all of this with pen and paper, but Vin Diesel would sooo not approve, and neither would social media gurus. Personally, I think pen and paper is a great way to go, but it’s even better when supplemented with technology! I thought I would share some of my favorite tips and tools to help you make your recruiting social. Feel free to copy them down into your notepad, or save paper and Pocket them 🙂

Here’s a PDF put out by Oracle (weird, I know!) that breaks down how to develop a social recruiting strategy. It’s simple and very informative.

The best practices to keep in mind when developing a social media strategy.

Now for something more fun : an infographic-style compass to guide your social recruiting!

How to craft a perfect social media post.

It’s important to time your posts to maximize their visibility, and with buffer you can do just that from your PC, tablet or smart phone.

Until next week!