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Google Plus is Growing Up, 50 Ways to Recruit on Facebook, and Pancakes!

Posted by Samara Parker
April 23rd, 2014

If your midweek doldrums are setting in, and the Wednesday hump seems insurmountable; fear not!

Today is Link Love day and what could be better than a well curated selection of blog posts to re-energize you!

Especially when we have a ton of great articles about social recruiting, your favorite topic... Okay, second favorite topic. I know, I know, pancakes are number one.

Which is why I am going to start things off on a sweet note with an unusually off topic link: Delicious, eggy, banana pancakes.

These are delicious, and only require two ingredients (can you guess what they are?) They are also super quick and easy to make, so you can whip up a batch to devour while checking out the rest of today's links.

Facebook is going to launch a mobile advertising network this month. No, this is NOT boring. It just sounds boring.

In fact, this is going to improve Facebook Ad targeting and reach. And I know you're all using targeted Facebook Ads to recruit top talent (if not, it's time to start, they are rad).

Twitter is following in Facebook's footsteps. I am referring both to their brand new layout's blatant rip-off of FB's design, and the huge improvement it provides for social recruiting.

Need a little inspiration for your next hiring campaign? Then checkout these beautiful and creative social recruiting campaigns posted over at Likeable HR.

Those campaigns are totally inspiring, but they are also rather lofty... Check out these 50 simple things you can do to recruit with Facebook. Much more actionable, if I do say so myself.

"43% of job seekers used their mobile device to look for jobs" - Tweet this!

That's just one of the many social recruiting trends reported in's Recruitment Technology Trends for 2014.

The mobile stat is an important reminder that your online recruitment efforts really do need to allow for easy access from any device! This is another great reason for using social networks to share your jobs.

A more surprising stat from this report is that 45-54 year olds are currently the fasting growing demographic on Google+. Proof that social recruiting isn't just about targeting the youngsters.

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Happy Link Loving, and stay social.