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Improve Your Communication Skills with these Awesome Links

Posted by Samara Parker
July 2nd, 2013

In the world of social media, if you can't communicate an idea, it's almost as though you don't even have one at all. Sad, but true.

For anyone not blessed with the gift of gab, social media can be a tricky thing to navigate. You just can't attract viewers without engaging people, especially on networks like Facebook and Twitter.

So, improving your communication skills is a great way to improve your social recruiting. And luckily, the web is abuzz with ways to make you a better communicator.

From improving your sales pitch to simply writing better comments on blogs and forums — these links have you covered!

Need another reason to chill on the couch and watch a movie? Well, according to HR Capitalist (Kris Dunn) you can learn a lot about how to communicate for better sales from "Boiler Room", which he quite aptly describes as Gen X's version of Glengarry Glen Ross. If you're too busy enjoying the summer to watch movies, never fear! Kris breaks down the main sales pitch tips he learned from the film on his blog.

But what if you are trying to sell your idea to someone high up on the corporate food chain? Jessica Bruder of Inc Magazine has you covered with this great article explaining how to pitch to VCs without incurring their wrath, which we all know Vice Chairs are famous for.

This article deals with a topic very close to my heart : internet commenting. If you ever want to feel depressed about the state of humanity, just spend a few minutes reading Youtube comments. If, on the other hand, you are interested in making the internet a better place, check out this awesome article about how to leave productive blog comments, that people will actually want to read and respond to.

You can take the knowledge you learnt about commenting on blogs from the previous article, and then use it to up your Facebook-commenting game as well. Then you can elevate that game even further by using Facebook hashtags. Facebook is now making a concerted effort to have users hashtag their posts, by suggesting possible tags. This is great for search-ability and recruiting passive candidates!

Say what you will about the addition of video to Instagram, but moving pictures are undoubtedly a fantastic way to communicate. I mean, yes, we already have Vine, but why wouldn't you want to at least try out this new feature on Insta? This blog post explains why using both Vine and Insta video together is a good idea, and how to do so without duplicating content.

Now that your brain is full of knowledge, give it a rest by feasting your eyes on this gorgeous Infographic. The Communication Prism is a beautifully designed map of social media websites by Brian Solis and JESS3, enjoy!

If you know any awesome blogs we should feature, let us know in the comments!

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