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Three Examples of Hiring for Fit Done Right

Posted by Samara Parker
March 5th, 2014

I still don't understand why hiring for fit is so contentious.

Well, maybe I do. Instead of discussing hiring for fit done well, bloggers, journalists, and "experts" prefer to sensationalize the concept by conflating hiring for fit with hiring clones. They also enjoy referencing companies who just hire mini versions of their CEOs, or people who have the same haircut. They never actually provide us with any proof that such companies exist though...

Not that I am saying they don't. Hello Abercrombie & Fitch!

Let's take a look at some companies who make hiring for cultural fit, team fit, and brand fit work.

Lululemon does an incredible job of hiring for fit. Literally. All of their staff has a passion for fitness, fashion, and health in line with the company’s culture, even staff members who work in their offices.

Lululemon highlights their various employees’ accomplishments on their blog, which is a fantastic example of employer/company branding done right.

Here's a great video interview with Jaci Edgeworth, Lululemon Athletica's director of people potential, on how the company manages to hire for cultural fit and keep their employees engaged with that culture.

This one is a little out of left field; Lego has made fit a huge priority in their recruiting process. The company shares how they go about determining if a potential candidate fits with the company's culture and five keys for improving how you recruit for cultural fit.

My favorite link is also a pretty personal one. No it's not about Jobcast! (But we do rock at hiring for fit.) It's Victory Barbers, a local business based in my old home town of Victoria, BC.

Victory is a great example of hiring for fit done right.

Their staff ranges from tattooed punk rock dudes, to adorable blond ladies, but all of their employees are a bit quirky, have a strong sense of personal style, and passion for making their clients look incredible.

Victory has impressive retention, many of their staff have been with them since they first opened, and because of this, they have garnered a reputation for being the best team of barbers in the city.

The employee profile section of their website is definitely worth a look for getting some employer branding inspiration... Oh, and they kick-box together. Rad.

See, hiring for fit can be pretty awesome!

Happy Link Loving.

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