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January 28

If the midweek doldrums have set in and you just can’t brig yourself to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, then it’s probably time for a reading break. No, I am not advising you to slack on the job, not at all! This list of articles will help take your mind off the Wednesday hump and provide you with some motivating recruitment insights.

This week’s top recruitment blog posts are:

Are We Ready For Recruitment via Snapchat? - Roxanne Abercrombi Maybe I’m getting old and curmudgeonly, but I don’t know if I think Snapchat is ever going to be a great tool for recruiting. I’m probably wrong. Apparently it’s a hotbed for Gen Y and Gen Z talent!

In 2015, Should Facebook Access Be Banned at Work? - Katrina Collier You know who is not curmudgeonly? Katrina Collier! I bet she could whip up an incredible Snapchat recruitment campaign… Katrina’s article challenges employers to rethink banning Facebook recruitment for the sake of their staff’s trust, their employer brand, and their employee referral program! Simply Hired Employer Brand Index: 2014 Winners – Simply Hired The team over at Simply Hired have released their yearly list of the best employer brands out there. I bet none of these companies ban Facebook at work! SimplyHired’s Top Employer Brands: Interesting, But Not Your Typical List - John Zappe If you want to understand why Simply Hired chose the brands that they did for their list, then this article’s for you. John Zappe explains the somewhat unusual mix of companies included in the index, and why they made the cut.

The 100 Most Influential People in HR and Recruiting on Twitter - Moodvise If you’re still feeling daunted by the work piled up on your desk, then why not tackle a small task to get the ball rolling. Hop on to Twitter and follow all of these HR and Recruitment influencers… There are a lot of them, so by the time you’re done, it’ll probably be time to go home anyway! Happy humpday :D

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January 21

Time for another round up of the best recruitment, HR, and workplace themed blog posts of the week!

 Here are our top 5 picks:

Combating the Modern Recruiter’s Unrealistic Expectations – By Matthew Kosinski Despite the much-bemoaned skills gap and it being a job seekers market, according to a recent Career Advisory Board study, recruiters have unrealistic expectations of candidates. Matthew’s article explains the negative consequences of waiting too long for the ideal candidate and urges recruiters and hiring managers need to adjust their expectations. This Is What Companies Do When They Are Getting Kicked by Entry-Level Turnover... – Kris Dunn More war for talent inspired writing, this time from the wonderfully blunt Kris Dunn. Kris explains why increasing base level salaries is the smartest, and often, most affordable way to combat turnover.

Lead With Love And You’ll Love The Results – Meghan M. Biro Offering decent wages may be the key to retaining talent, but a high salary isn’t the only thing that matters to your employees. According to Megan, leading with love is mandatory as well, and not just for retention, but for the overall good of your organization. I know it sounds a little bit cheesy, but she’s got the numbers to back up her theory. According to Megan, leading with love is the best way to encourage “whole person” employee engagement, which results in: • 37% lower absenteeism • 48% fewer safety incidents • 41% fewer quality defects • 28% less inventory shrinkage • 10% higher customer satisfaction  and • Up to 22% higher profitability Nothing cheesy about that! Why Buffer is a Tool You Should Be Using in Recruitment – Sophie Deering Buffer is a tool that you should be using period. But definitely for recruitment! As much as you may be tempted to only share job postings on you social networks, it is equally as important for you to share interesting articles, photos, and links, in order to attract more followers. Buffer helps you find new content, add content from your favourite RSS feeds, and schedule that content so that you share at peak times throughout the day.

40 Considerations When Choosing Your Next ATS - Bridget Webb Buffer may be great for recruiting, but a good ATS is essential! According to Bridget choosing the right ATS for your organization is a decision that affects not just your recruitment team but also your entire company. Her article gives you a checklist that you can use to determine which ATS is best for your needs. Enjoy the links, and happy social recruiting!

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January 14

This week’s link love has some excellent articles to satisfy your thirst for recruitment knowledge.

You’ll learn tricks for sourcing in demand passive candidates, what recruiting tech talent in 2015 is all about, and another way to assess the risk vs reward of using social media to reach job seekers!

Here’s our list of the top 5 HR and recruitment articles this week:

 The 7 Steps for Recruiting Hard-to-find Passive Candidates – Lou Adler

Lou walks you through the steps he took to successfully source top talent for a difficult to fill tech role. He explains the techniques needed to find, attract, and recruit the best passive candidates.

Recruit Tech Talent in 2015 by Going Back to the Basics – Holly Glover

Out of LinkedIn’s recently released 25 most desirable skills list, only 5 of the skills listed aren’t related to tech. So this refreshing on recruiting tech talent by Holly is very apropos!

Outsourcing Social Recruitment the Pros and Cons – Cheryl Morgan

Social recruiting is about more than sharing your job posts on Twitter, but many companies struggle to build strong employer brands and grow their social networks.

A great way to solve this problem is to enlist the help of a social recruiting agency.

Social Media Recruiting Has Similar Risks as Word of Mouth – Allen Smith

Allen puts the various concerns arising about the legality of recruiting via social platforms in terms that most recruiters are more familiar with by comparing social recruitment to word of mouth recruitment.

If your worried about the diversity implications of using social media to share job openings, then you’ll definitely want to give this post a read.

HR Trends You Can’t Ignore – Todd Owens

Although I simply cannot agree with his title (I can ignore pretty much anything should my brain so desire!), I sincerely hope that the trends Todd lists become top priorities for HR in 2015. Especially when it comes to mobile!

Happy link Loving and stay social.

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January 7

Happy New Year, I would insert a party emoji if I knew how to do so on WordPress without destroying the internet and ruining our tech team’s day. I have about 30 resolutions, most of them already broken, but my goal to spend the first 15 minutes of my day reading interesting new blog posts is going strong. So far I have learned a lot about the importance of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, how to cook a whole chicken in a crockpot, and how my home office is lacking some essential items. I have also read lots and lots of excellent blog posts about human resources and social recruiting that I am (slightly too) excited to share with you. Our first Link Love of the New Year features social recruitment goal-setting, excellent tips to avoid recruiting like a dinosaur, and some advice for keeping tabs on your hiring competition!

Your Early 2015 Social Recruiting Priorities

– Katrina Collier If you read our blog then you know I love Katrina’s writing. This article is no exception. Her points are bang on, especially her warning about the pitfalls of automation. When It Comes to Social Recruiting, It’s All About the Mobile

– China Gorman China explains how social, mobile recruiting provides higher quality candidates, reduces time to hire, and increases employee referrals. Three Tips for Recruiting in The Age of Social Media

– Jeremy Roche This article touches on some less talked about aspects about the importance of social media for employers and recruiters, such reputation and appearing tech savvy to younger candidates.

Social Talent’s Social Recruiting Round Up

– Siofra Pratt An excellent assortment of the most popular social recruitment blog posts, news stories and infographics of December.

Know Your Talent Acquisition Enemy

– Jim D’Amico The war for talent is heating up for 2015 with boomers retiring, more new jobs, and fewer qualified candidates. It’s time to start keeping a closer eye on who and how your competition is recruiting. To make a little extra time for your recruiting resolutions try using the Jobcast App to simplify your social recruiting. Enjoy the links!

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December 31

I love New Year’s. I love making resolutions (whether I keep them or not!), I love the whole fresh start thing, and most of all, I LOVE ‘best of’ posts. With New Year’s Eve falling on Link Love Wednesday, I thought it best to wrap up the year with a list of our favorite social recruiting blog posts of 2014. #Social Recruiting and the Hashtag

– Maren Hogen Maren explains hashtags, what they are, why they’re important, and how to use them for recruiting.

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Recruiting Forever

– Franklin Morris This article is a great read for both recruiters and job seekers, providing simple advice for adapting to today’s tech-centric hiring process.

10 Reasons Why There is a Disconnect on LinkedIn Between Recruiters and Candidates

– Andy Headworth Andy is a social recruitment pro and in this article he breaks down the reasons why recruiters often miss the mark when using LinkedIn as a hiring tool.

Are We Ready for Social Talent?

– Lilian Mahoukou Lilian reviews his experience at #rmsconf (the leading social recruitment conference in France) and gives his takeaways on how social media can be leveraged by both those looking to hire, and those looking to be hired.

How to Get ROI from Social Recruiting and Social Media

– Lisa Jones Lisa Jones is one of the leading experts in social recruitment. Her company conducts in-depth surveys on social media for hiring, and she works closely with recruiters and employers about social recruiting strategies. In this article, she reveals how to get measurable results from social recruitment.

The Benefits of Social Recruitment

– Interview by Cheryl Morgan Cheryl interviews Ryan St. Germaine about the past, future, and present of social recruiting. They go over why social media is so effective as a recruitment tool and how to leverage social networks for better results.

26 Social Recruiting Facts and Stats

– Samara Parker This was our most-read article of 2014. As the title implies, this blog post contains 26 easy-to-share statistics about social recruiting. And, of course, our favorite HR meme of the year

Those are our top picks for 2014, we’d love to hear about yours in the comments!

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December 17

Here are seven of our favourite HR and recruiting blog posts this week:

Holiday Gift Giving for Employees – It’s Not That Simple by Paul Hebert Paul provides two pro tips for giving seasonal gifts to employees.

The First Tweets in #HR and #Recruiting by Jessica Miller-Merrel Jessica takes a look back at the first tweets of fifty professionals in the HR and recruitment industry.

2014 Job Board Year in Review by The Job Board Doctor himself! According to the Job Board Doctor, 2014 was the year that VC money returned to the job board industry. His article takes a journey back to look at some of this year’s highlights for the online recruiting world.

How to Have the Best, Litigation-Free Office Holiday Party Ever by Chastity C. Bruno Chastity’s article aims to remind employers that office holiday parties bring with them a host of issues for employers and employees alike. The potential for lawsuits by employees against employers for sexual harassment violations, wage-and-hour violations, religious based discrimination, and social host liability. Scary! But don’t panic, just check out her tips for throwing a successful office holiday party whilst avoiding any potential lawsuits.

Are You Making These Social Recruitment Mistakes? by Cheryl Morgan Not all social recruiting is good social recruiting! Social media may be a fantastic way to reach out to talent, but if you want to engage potential candidates, you’d better avoid this social recruitment faux pas.

Recruiting Millennials Through Social Media by Ladan Nikravan An interview with Prithvi Shergill, chief human resources officer at global IT services firm HCL Technologies, about his company’s most recent innovative social recruitment campaign. HCL Technologies ran a global Twitter recruitment campaign titled #COOLESTINTERVIEWEVER. The campaign was an end-to-end recruitment campaign conducted entirely on Twitter that successfully targeted millennial candidates.

Are We Ready For Social Talent? By Lilian Mahoukou I am social talent… And after reading this article, I don’t even know if I am ready for me! Lilian explains what social talent is, how social talent is different, and how recruitment must shift in order to make room for this new breed of candidate. Enjoy these links and your holiday parties, should you dare to attend them.

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December 10

I love a good link love blog post.

I mean, what’s not to love about a well-curated list of articles to read all laid out for you in a single post?

Absolutely nothing, which is why I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy this link love!

Here are five of my favourite HR and recruiting blog posts of the week:

Employers Say Employer Branding Is Working – Jodi Ordioni

Judy highlights the key findings of a recent employer branding survey performed by Brandemix.

For example, the study showed that 80 percent of participants consider their employer branding to be successful at bringing down costs, increasing applications from top candidates. Not bad!

Looking Back at 3 Big HR Technology Trends We Saw This Year – Jayson Saba

Jayson covers the usual suspects: mobile, big data, and social, but his major takeaway is quite refreshing and definitely worth the read.

Don’t Be A HR Scrooge This Holiday Season! – Andy Porter

In this hilarious article, Andy explains how to navigate the holidays and holiday parties specifically, without reinforcing all of the negative stereotypes people have about the human resources department.

Image via Blogging4jobs

The Brocruiter: A New Generation of Recruiting – Blake McCammon

Bro·cruiter noun \bro·cru·ter/ : a bro who is a recruiter.  As someone who is constantly chided by their friends for being a total bro, this article is right up my alley, although I do slightly disagree with Blake’s use of the terms bro and brah interchangeably, as we all know that bros and brahs are nothing at all alike!

Nit-picking aside, this article raises valid points about the deformalization of the recruitment process and what it means for candidate experience.

Office Holiday Parties Your Employees Want to Attend – Suzanne Lucas

I don’t know about you, but I am seriously looking forward to the Jobcast Christmas party. My colleagues are awesome and there will be Thai food. What more could you want?

If you haven’t finished planning your company party yet, then check out Suzanne’s article where she shares her reader’s favourite staff party experiences and what made them so great.

Want something that will make your HR department even happier than eggnog and an office Christmas tree?* Then give them the gift of social recruiting with the Jobcast app. Install the app here, and you’ll get a 1-month free trial of Jobcast Premium.

Happy link loving and holiday partying!

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December 3

All I want for Christmas is a group of unusually strong fairies to paint my new apartment for me, and then move all of my old junk into it. How about you? Perhaps speedy gnomes to sort through that pile of resumes on your desk, set aside the most promising, and then toss the rest? Or, does your heart desire a magical app that will automate your social recruiting for you? Oh wait… Totally exists! The holiday season brings with it many wonderful things: Apple pie, pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie, and of course, the always delicious holiday themed blog post. It’s only the third of December and we’ve already read a slew of fun, funny, and helpful seasonal HR and recruitment articles. Here are our top 7 so far:

Are You Suffering From PTDD? – Via Fistful of Talent How Not to Get Fired After Any Holiday Party – Via Blogging4Jobs

Why Christmas Sucks For HR – Via Change Effect

There Is Little Recruiting Competition During December … So Be Bold and Seize a Great Opportunity – Via

How Holidays Impact Engagement and Wellbeing – Via HR Magazine UK

Holiday Travel and Two Americas – Via Laurie Ruettimann’s Blog

Tell Me Your Office Holiday Parties – Via Evil HR Lady (The good stuff is in the comments section!) Oh, and it’s not a blog post, but no holiday list would be complete without a link to a Pinterest board featuring ideas for an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” themed HR party!

Happy Link Lovin' :D

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November 26

Happy almost (American) Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? If you need some help deciding, might I suggest giving thanks for canned pumpkin? It makes pie making significantly easier! Yet this wonderful pantry item is nowhere to be found in Holland. Nor is pumpkin pie, or pumpkin loaf, or pumpkin cheesecake. It’s almost as though there was no Pinterest in the Netherlands. Lack of pumpkin flavored baked goods aside, being an expat I was very thankful to provide my Dutch friends with their very first Thanksgiving celebration. Being a Canadian expat, that celebration was a few weeks ago. So, needless to say… I need more American friends so that I have an excuse to celebrate Thanksgiving twice! In the meantime I will just have to be satisfied with being extra thankful for the internet and all the entertaining blog posts it gives me access to. Here are a few of the best recruitment and HR themed blog posts this week: Getting your employees on board with your social recruiting strategy is a great tactic. But it isn’t entirely risk-free. Kris Dunn discusses the two types of employees that can mess up your social recruiting game and how to deal with them. An employee slipping up online causes damage to your brand, but are you aware of these common office hazards that can cause harm to your employees? What about the hazards of being a Tech recruiter? According to this article from Blogging4Jobs, if you are a Tech recruiter, then chances are good that engineers will hate you. Thankfully, Jessica Miller-Merrell also offers up some thoughts on how to repair the broken relationship between engineers and Tech recruiters. Millennials are already in your workplace. Let’s face it; we’re everywhere! Here is some good advice from Ron Stewart explaining what millennials really want from employers. One of my favorite pieces of advice, perfection is the enemy of good, is beautifully re-imagined in James Clear’s latest article: Avoid the Second Mistake.

His advice is spot on for anyone trying to create good habits. To end on an uplifting note, an article where the good guys finish first! According to TLNT, the good guys — companies that are good to employees, to customers and to their communities — keep winning. In fact, their latest findings support the conclusion that good companies are more successful relative to their peers. Check out the article to learn more about how TLNT came to these conclusions and what Fortune 500 companies made it on to the good list!

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November 19

The Jobcast team has been extra busy this past week! Onboarding new users, making videos, and working on our product roadmap (we’ve got some pretty big stuff on the way) has left little time for reading. Normally I spend every morning pouring over the latest human resources blogs and social recruiting articles, but not this week. This week I’ve spent my mornings furiously typing away at my computer, oblivious to the coffee stains accumulating on the front of my PJs (a downside to remote work!) It’s times like this that I rely very heavily on Twitter to help me stay in the loop and find content worth sharing. We follow some pretty awesome HR Twitter accounts and these tweeters are always an excellent source of news, advice, and inspiration. This week’s link love is dedicated to a few of our favorite HR and recruiting Twitter accounts!

@HRBartender: Workplace tips and advice served up in a friendly place. Sharlyn Lauby tweets excellent advice for employers, recruiters and job seekers combined with excellent visuals.

@WinningImpress: Trainer, Speaker, Writer, Social Media in Recruitment & Job Search. Katrina Collier is a busy woman! She’s an extremely talented writer (we’ve linked to her articles on the blog before) and all-around lovely person. Her Twitter has a definite recruitment and HR focus, but she still manages to keep her feed fun and engaging.

@Social_Hire: Use the power of social media to recruit more effectively or accelerate your job search. As their name implies, Social Hire knows how to do social media. Their Twitter is a great place to turn for social recruiting advice. @Deandacosta: Dean Da Costa The Search Authority: Staffing, Recruiter and Sourcing expert. Finding what cannot be Found. Dean Da Costa means business. His Twitter is an excellent source of recruiting and sourcing info. His Twitter lists are even better. Dean’s lists are an essential resource for finding new accounts to follow. @andyheadworth: Founder Sirona Consulting - help companies integrate social media into recruitment strategy aka social recruiting. Consultant. Author, blogger & #LFC fan.

I love Andy’s work, his blog is smart, informative, and funny and these qualities carry over to his Twitter account as well. Those are just five of our favorites. For more check out this list:

The Top 100 HR Influencers To Follow on Twitter by Witty Parrot. Do you have any Twitter recomendations? Let us know about them in the comments!

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