Top 7 Social Recruitment Articles of 2014

Posted by Samara Parker
December 31st, 2014

I love New Year’s.

I love making resolutions (whether I keep them or not!), I love the whole fresh start thing, and most of all, I LOVE ‘best of’ posts.

With New Year’s Eve falling on Link Love Wednesday, I thought it best to wrap up the year with a list of our favorite social recruiting blog posts of 2014.

#Social Recruiting and the Hashtag

– Maren Hogen

Maren explains hashtags, what they are, why they’re important, and how to use them for recruiting.

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Recruiting Forever

– Franklin Morris

This article is a great read for both recruiters and job seekers, providing simple advice for adapting to today’s tech-centric hiring process.

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10 Reasons Why There is a Disconnect on LinkedIn Between Recruiters and Candidates

– Andy Headworth

Andy is a social recruitment pro and in this article he breaks down the reasons why recruiters often miss the mark when using LinkedIn as a hiring tool.

Are We Ready for Social Talent?

– Lilian Mahoukou

Lilian reviews his experience at #rmsconf (the leading social recruitment conference in France) and gives his takeaways on how social media can be leveraged by both those looking to hire, and those looking to be hired.

How to Get ROI from Social Recruiting and Social Media

– Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is one of the leading experts in social recruitment. Her company conducts in-depth surveys on social media for hiring, and she works closely with recruiters and employers about social recruiting strategies. In this article, she reveals how to get measurable results from social recruitment.

The Benefits of Social Recruitment

– Interview by Cheryl Morgan

Cheryl interviews Ryan St. Germaine about the past, future, and present of social recruiting. They go over why social media is so effective as a recruitment tool and how to leverage social networks for better results.

26 Social Recruiting Facts and Stats

– Samara Parker

This was our most-read article of 2014. As the title implies, this blog post contains 26 easy-to-share statistics about social recruiting.

And, of course, our favorite HR meme of the year

Blog top-7-social-recruitment-articles-of-2014

Those are our top picks for 2014, we’d love to hear about yours in the comments!