Hiring Humans Not Cyborgs, Choosing an ATS, and Fighting Turnover

Posted by Samara Parker
January 21st, 2015

Time for another round up of the best recruitment, HR, and workplace themed blog posts of the week!

 Here are our top 5 picks:

Combating the Modern Recruiter’s Unrealistic Expectations – By Matthew Kosinski

Despite the much-bemoaned skills gap and it being a job seekers market, according to a recent Career Advisory Board study, recruiters have unrealistic expectations of candidates.

Matthew’s article explains the negative consequences of waiting too long for the ideal candidate and urges recruiters and hiring managers need to adjust their expectations.

This Is What Companies Do When They Are Getting Kicked by Entry-Level Turnover... – Kris Dunn

More war for talent inspired writing, this time from the wonderfully blunt Kris Dunn.

Kris explains why increasing base level salaries is the smartest, and often, most affordable way to combat turnover.

Lead With Love And You’ll Love The Results – Meghan M. Biro

Offering decent wages may be the key to retaining talent, but a high salary isn’t the only thing that matters to your employees.

According to Megan, leading with love is mandatory as well, and not just for retention, but for the overall good of your organization.

I know it sounds a little bit cheesy, but she’s got the numbers to back up her theory.

According to Megan, leading with love is the best way to encourage “whole person” employee engagement, which results in:

• 37% lower absenteeism
• 48% fewer safety incidents
• 41% fewer quality defects
• 28% less inventory shrinkage
• 10% higher customer satisfaction 
• Up to 22% higher profitability

Nothing cheesy about that!

Why Buffer is a Tool You Should Be Using in Recruitment – Sophie Deering

Buffer is a tool that you should be using period. But definitely for recruitment!

As much as you may be tempted to only share job postings on you social networks, it is equally as important for you to share interesting articles, photos, and links, in order to attract more followers.

Buffer helps you find new content, add content from your favourite RSS feeds, and schedule that content so that you share at peak times throughout the day.

40 Considerations When Choosing Your Next ATS - Bridget Webb

Buffer may be great for recruiting, but a good ATS is essential!

According to Bridget choosing the right ATS for your organization is a decision that affects not just your recruitment team but also your entire company.

Her article gives you a checklist that you can use to determine which ATS is best for your needs.

Enjoy the links, and happy social recruiting!