Office Hazards, Avoiding the Second Mistake, & Good Guys Winning

Posted by Samara Parker
November 26th, 2014

Happy almost (American) Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for?

If you need some help deciding, might I suggest giving thanks for canned pumpkin?

It makes pie making significantly easier! Yet this wonderful pantry item is nowhere to be found in Holland. Nor is pumpkin pie, or pumpkin loaf, or pumpkin cheesecake.

It’s almost as though there was no Pinterest in the Netherlands.

Lack of pumpkin flavored baked goods aside, being an expat I was very thankful to provide my Dutch friends with their very first Thanksgiving celebration.

Being a Canadian expat, that celebration was a few weeks ago.

So, needless to say… I need more American friends so that I have an excuse to celebrate Thanksgiving twice!

In the meantime I will just have to be satisfied with being extra thankful for the internet and all the entertaining blog posts it gives me access to.

Here are a few of the best recruitment and HR themed blog posts this week:

Getting your employees on board with your social recruiting strategy is a great tactic. But it isn’t entirely risk-free.

Kris Dunn discusses the two types of employees that can mess up your social recruiting game and how to deal with them.

An employee slipping up online causes damage to your brand, but are you aware of these common office hazards that can cause harm to your employees?

What about the hazards of being a Tech recruiter?

According to this article from Blogging4Jobs, if you are a Tech recruiter, then chances are good that engineers will hate you.

Thankfully, Jessica Miller-Merrell also offers up some thoughts on how to repair the broken relationship between engineers and Tech recruiters.

Millennials are already in your workplace. Let’s face it; we’re everywhere! Here is some good advice from Ron Stewart explaining what millennials really want from employers.

One of my favorite pieces of advice, perfection is the enemy of good, is beautifully re-imagined in James Clear’s latest article: Avoid the Second Mistake.

His advice is spot on for anyone trying to create good habits.

To end on an uplifting note, an article where the good guys finish first!

According to TLNT, the good guys — companies that are good to employees, to customers and to their communities — keep winning.

In fact, their latest findings support the conclusion that good companies are more successful relative to their peers.

Check out the article to learn more about how TLNT came to these conclusions and what Fortune 500 companies made it on to the good list!