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August 11
Hero one-job-post-all-your-social-networks

The main pain point with adopting new hiring platforms is having to share the same job ad over and over again. Sharing the exact same job ad to each of your individual social networks and job boards is a huge waste of time. It is also frustrating because you are must adjust your ad along the way to fit each platforms’ unique standards. Not fun, not efficient, and thankfully, not necessary! With Jobcast you can use our Auto-Share feature to automatically share your job ads to your Facebook Timeline (Personal and Business), Twitter Feed, and LinkedIn Page (Personal and Company). You can even use the Auto-Share feature to push your job ads to several different job boards such as Indeed, and Simply hired. Here’s how to set up Jobcast Auto-Share for one step social recruiting!

1) From the Admin section of the Jobcast App, click on "Customize":

2) You will automatically be directed to the "Settings" tab, from here, click on the clock icon:

3) Click on the "Add Scheduled Post" drop down:


Select the social network you wish to automate sharing for:

5) Authorize the Jobcast app to share on your behalf

6) Fill in all relevant information (make sure to include hashtags, like #hiring, for Twitter and Facebook):

7) Select the days, rate, and the sharing window for sharing your job ads, and tick the "Re-Share" box if relevant. Click "Save":

8) Review your handy work:

9) If you find an error, simply hover over the spot you need to change and click "Edit":

10) Add your Facebook Page, your Facebook Account, your Twitter, Your LinkedIn, and your LinkedIn Company Page:

11) Here's what your job ad will look like once shared to LinkedIn (imagine your logo, face, and hopefully fewer InMails!):

Once you have set up Jobcast Auto-Share: sit back and let Jobcast do the work for you :D Don't have Jobcast yet? Install the Jobcast Social Recruiting App and you'll get a 30 free trial of our Premium plan. Have Jobcast already? Get your whole team on board by giving them admin status on your Company Facebook Page. This article explains how to add admins to your Facebook Page. Then send your team this tutorial so that they can set up the Jobcast Auto-Share feature for their social networks too. Happy social recruiting!

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July 14
Hero how-to-add-admins-to-your-facebook-page

Two heads are better than one!

This is even more true when it comes to social networking because those two heads will bring with them all of their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn connections… So it is actually more like hundreds and hundreds of heads floating along the series of tubes that is the internet, just a lot less creepy.

I’ve been working with a new Jobcaster who is extremely socially savvy. 

She has been building a social media strategy for her company. She reached out to me because she wanted to know if it was possible to automatically share the jobs she posts with Jobcast to more than one LinkedIn profile. I told her yes of course, showed her how, and she was off to the races. Easy peasy! 

But this transaction got me thinking about how many social recruiters out there may not know how simple it is to get their whole team on board with their social recruiting strategy.

Getting your team to help you recruit will make your efforts much more effective. This is because the main benefit of social recruiting is that it allows you to reach a huge amount of potential candidates and that amount increases exponentially with every team member you have sharing your content.

An easy way to get your whole team on board and harness the power of their social networks, is by giving them some degree of admin access to your company Facebook Page.

If you give your staff access to your company Page, then your Page and the job posts you share on it, are more likely to be seen by their connections. 

If you use the Jobcast app, then any team member you add as an admin (even with limited permissions), can set up automatic-sharing so that every time you post a job ad it will be automatically pushed out to their social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Here’s a step by step tutorial that shows you how to add admins to your Facebook Page

  1. Log in to your Facebook Page and click on the “Settings” tab in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click on “Page Roles” located in the side navigation bar.

  3. Type the email address or name of the team member you wish to add into the appropriate box. Note, you must enter the email address connected to your team member’s Facebook account.

  4. Choose your team member’s level of authorization. Here is a link to a chart explaining each role , and the permissions associated with them.

  5. You will have to re-enter your password before Facebook approves your request.

  6. Once you’ve submitted your password, you will see a note that the transaction is pending.

After completing this process your team member will have to log in to Facebook and accept your request. Once they have  done this, then they can start sharing, commenting, and promoting your job posts right along with you. Here’s a tutorial that you can send your team members about setting up job post auto-sharing for their social networks!

Happy Monday, and stay social!

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July 7
Hero the-three-most-important-facebook-insights-for-recruitment

I was planning on putting together a post explaining the basics of Facebook Insights, but realized, it’s already been done.

In fact it’s been done really well…

Here: How to Use the New Facebook Insights

Here: What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Insights and Analytics

And here: The New Facebook Insights: What’s New, What’s Awesome and What Sucks

Instead we thought we’d share our strategy for effectively using Facebook Insights without falling asleep on your keyboard (especially important these days, due to the advent of treadmill desks). 

Facebook Insights: Totally essential to social recruiting and about as exciting as watching Dora the Explorer for the tenth time in one day!

That’s why our Facebook Insights philosophy is one of minimum effective dose.

Do as little as possible, to achieve the results you need.

No, we are not encouraging you to be lazy! We just understand that you have a lot on your plate, and the thought of spending hours trying to analyze Page after Page of data is enough to make you abandon Facebook Insights altogether. 

Abandoning Facebook Insights leads to frustration over declining reach, and poor ROI. At best, this will lead to the overconsumption of ice cream, sleepless nights, and a generally unpleasant attitude. At worst, this will lead to abandoning social recruiting completely, relegating your job posts to back alley job boards, and the dust covered career section of your local newspaper.


  • 49% of recruiters report improved quality of hire with social recruiting! – Click to Tweet

  • 76% of job seekers report finding jobs through Facebook –Click to Tweet 

  • 94% of recruiters use social to recruit – Click to Tweet 

(Stats curtesy of Jobvite, thanks guys!) 

So how do you spend as little time as possible analyzing the data Facebook Insights provides?

Focus on the essentials.

The 3 Essentials of Facebook Insights

1. Posts –  When Your Fans Are Online

You want the potential candidates following your Page to see your job posts. You are much more likely to get job seekers’ eyes on your content if you share it when they are online. 

You will also get more engagement if you time your posts to be shared when your fans are most likely to see them. Engagement in the form of re-sharing, Liking, and commenting, is one of the best ways to get your jobs seen by future employees.

Use the information you find in the Posts section of the Insights Page to determine when you schedule your job posts, and other promotionally content should be posted.

Hot Tip:

Jobcast let’s you auto-schedule job posts for more effective engagement.

2. Reach – Total Reach

Total Reach shows you the number of people that could have seen your posts. 

It is useful for maintaining a general understanding of your Page’s success. You want to make sure that, in general, your Total Reach is climbing. 

Your Reach will dip and climb from hour to hour, day to day, but if you notice a steady decline, it’s time to change things up!

(Check out this blog post for 3 ways to improve your social media content strategy)

You can also use the Total Reach section to get more insight into when your Page gets the most potential for candidate views, and what kind of posts perform the best. This data can help you improve your scheduling even further, and nail down what types of content to focus on.

3.  Reach – Likes, Comments, and Shares

The Likes, Comments, and Shares (LCS) section of your Reach Page gives you all the data you need to track fan engagement.

The visibility of your Career Page, job posts, and content depends on this engagement, because it is how Facebook determines to who, and how often they show users the content you share.

The more you can get people to engage with your posts, the better!

The LCS section is where you go to see records of the number of users your posts engaged, and how they engaged with those posts.

This data gives you everything you need to inform future content strategy because it shows you what content works best for you.


I notice that I got a spike in engagement on June 10th so I click on the spikey part of the chart provided to figure out why:

Facebook will show me my posts that day, their total reach, their Click Through Rate (CTR), and their total Likes, Shares, and Comments:

Now I have a better understanding of why June 10th was a good day.

You can use this kind of info to determine which posts work best, then you can improve your content strategy by focusing on the type of content that is most effective for your needs.

Hot Tip:

When it comes to engagement #hiring is your friend, as is video!

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for…

The Most Important Metric: Where do they all come from!

Job seekers who view your job posts, applicants, your latest social recruiting wins hires… They all come to your job posts from somewhere, but do you know where that somewhere actually is?

Knowing where your candidates are coming from will help you know where to focus your time and money for future campaigns.

With the Jobcast Social Recruiting App you get full reporting on job views by source, applicants by source, and hires by source.

This is an example of the metrics for job views by source on a test post, just to show you what our reports look like:

We’re also working on more detailed reporting for the future, so stay tuned 🙂

Get a handle on your candidate source data, install the Jobcast social recruiting app toady. 

Happy hiring, and stay social!

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June 30
Hero the-anatomy-of-a-facebook-business-page

Delving into the world of Facebook terminology is befuddling!

Everyone, Facebook included, has a different way to refer to Facebook Page features and functionalities. This can make creating tutorials on the subject pretty challenging, but we promised in last week’s blog post that we would explain how to navigate Facebook Business Pages.. and we always keep our promises!

The Anatomy of a Facebook Page

Top/Admin Navigation Bar

Facebook calls a lot of different layout features “navigation bars”.

This can be extremely confusing when trying to explain how to use the social network to new users. A bar, in web design speak, generally refers to a grouping of information contained within a single line across a web page. The bar we’ve highlighted in the above image is often referred to as the “Top Navigation Bar”, but is also called the “Admin Navigation Bar,” which makes more sense, as it is where most of the features important to Page Administrators exist.

Within the Admin Navigation Bar you will find several “Tabs”. Think of the tabs on Facebook like you would tabs on file folders — they help you easily navigate to the folder/information you wish to access.  I have given each tab a letter in the screenshot below.

Admin Navigation Bar Tabs:

A) Page Tab: Your Page Tab takes you to your Page. Easy peasy.

B) Activity Tab: Your Activity Tab takes you to the section of your Page that lets you view all of your Page activity— such as messages and notifications.

C) Insights Tab: Your Insights Tab is extremely important! It takes you to the part of your Page where all of your metrics are displayed. “Insights” is just Facebook-speak for “data”, which makes sense, as this is where you can gain insights about your Page Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, and “People” (demographics of your visitors). The Insights Tab is far too complex to explain here… Can you guess next week’s blog post theme?!?

D) Settings Tab: Your Settings Tab takes you to where you can change the basic settings of your Page. You can edit information about your business, how often you receive notifications, and, most importantly, your profanity feature!  

New This Week Module

The “New This Week” module is one of our favourite new features of Facebook’s 2014 layout upgrade. It displays a recent Page Likes and Page Reach tally, and alerts you to pending notifications, and unread messages.

User Action Buttons

I let my husband name this section, because he is a UX designer, so that is basically his job (just don’t tell him I said that), and because there’s no standard name for it. As a Page admin, these buttons have everything, and nothing to do with you. Everything, because your Page’s popularity relies on users clicking on them to “Like”, “Follow”, and “Share” your Page, and to send you messages… and nothing, because you won’t have much interaction with them yourself.

Cover Image

Your cover image should be a simple, high-quality image that represents what your business does. It is also best to keep text to a minimum and positioned towards the top of the image, otherwise it may become illegible on certain mobile devices.

The image dimensions should be: 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture should be an image very specific to your brand. If you have a logo, use it here! You may also use your own personal image, if you are the best representation of your company’s brand.

The image dimensions should be: 160 pixels wide by 160 pixels high.

Page Navigation Bar

Your “Page Navigation Bar” contains tabs that help Facebook users navigate your Page. Both you, and your fans, will make significant use of the tabs contained in this bar.

These tabs include:

1) Timeline Tab: This tab directs you and users to your “Timeline” so that you can post motivational quotes, and your users can Like them!

2) About Tab: This tab navigates users to your “About” Page where they can find out more information about your business. You can also use this tab to update the info on your About Page.

3 – 5) Custom Tabs: This is where tabs get interesting! You can choose two other tabs to display within your Page Navigation Bar. The screenshot above displays two “Custom Tabs” : Photos and Careers. 

3) The tab labelled “Photos” is standard to Facebook. This tab is shown by default and links to a pre-built photo gallery created for you by Facebook. 

4) The tab labelled “Careers” links to my Careers Page. I added this tab myself using the Jobcast Social Recruiting App. You can add more tab options by installing apps to your Page, or by creating your own custom tabs for fans to interact with.

Highlight your two most important tabs, the ones that you most want fans to click on. For the Jobcast Facebook Page, we display our “Install App” tab because we want users to install our app, and our “Features” tab, because we hope that after reading about all of our great features, users will install our app! 

5) More Tab: The tabs you do not choose to display are still available to your fans, but they are hidden within the “More Tab,” so they are not immediately visible. 

Read this tutorial to learn how to manage your tabs.

Hopefully this guide will help you navigate Facebook yourself, and help you explain Facebook to your colleagues, clients, maybe even your parents!

Happy social recruiting.

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June 25
Hero video-recruiting-like-a-pro

Engagement is one of the pillars of effective social recruiting.

Likes, comments, and shares are the best way for you to get more eyes on your jobs, because much like with referrals, when your job post reaches potential candidates through these actions they are imbued with social proof.

If a friend shares a job posting to your Facebook Page, even if they have no connection to the employer, it still seems more trustworthy than if it was sent by a random recruiter.

Encouraging this kind of sharing from your fan base is difficult. They have friends’ engagement status updates to Like, news of Kim Kardashian’s latest adventures to comment on, and their latest Spotify playlist to share.

In order to engage them, you must understand their priorities:

  1. Kittens

  2. Gossip

  3. Kittens gossiping about puppies

Now, if you are not hiring for a feline related position, you are probably thinking “How the heck am I supposed to get my job posts out there!!!”

The obvious solution is, of course, to attach pictures of your, or your neighbors pets to every job you share.

The effective solution is to broaden our scope, and understand our audience’s priorities in terms of medium of posts, instead of message.

Top genres for engagement:

  1. Video

  2. Images

  3. Inspirational Quotes

Posts with video receive three times more inbound links than plain text. (via Moz) – Click to Tweet

Mobile video ads that include social media buttons drive 36% higher engagement. (via Rhythm New Media)  – Click to Tweet

Job postings that include video receive 34% more applications than those without! (via Talent Square) – Click to Tweet

Recruiting with video may seem intimidating at first, but it really doesn’t have to be.

You can go pro like our client Earls did in this fantastic recruiting video.

Or silly, embarrassing, and extremely low budget (actually no budget) like our Vine recruiting video!

Just make sure your video represents your culture, your values, and expresses what it’s like to work for you company.

I think our video makes it very clear that to work for jobcast you must have a sense of humour, the ability to check your ego at the door, and basic Jiu Jitsu training.

Some recruiters even create short videos for every job, or category of job that they post so that they can attach one to each new job post they share.

We also highly encourage every Jobcaster to embed a recruiting video directly into their Facebook Career Page.

In fact, we even made a short video explaining exactly how to do this in less than 3 minutes:

(video not available)

Happy video recruiting!

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June 23
Hero how-to-set-up-a-facebook-page-for-your-business

The Jobcast blog has tons of articles explaining why Facebook is great for recruiting, how to use Facebook to reach candidates, and how to build an employer brand on Facebook. What we haven’t written about is the most basic step for getting started with Facebook recruiting: creating a Facebook Page for your company. This may be old hat for many of you, but we get tons of emails from employers who want to start social recruiting, but don’t have a Facebook Page yet, or a Twitter account, or even a LinkedIn Profile. We always walk these employers through the steps to setting up a Page, starting the process of employer branding, and building a fan base. But, for every email we receive, I’m sure that there are ten employers out there who don’t reach out for help. This post is for you guys!

A Simple Illustrated-Guide to Setting Up a Facebook Page for Your Company

Step 1

Login to Facebook:

If you do not have a Facebook account already, you’re going to need one, so check out this awesome blog post over at wikiHow.

Step 2

Now that you are logged in/signed-up, go to the Create a Page page: Facebook.com/pages/create.php

 Step 3

Select the type of Page you wish to create. This can actually be kind of confusing, but this blog post will help you determine which kind of Facebook Page is best for your business!

Step 4

Choose a category from the dropdown. There are lots of choices, but if none of them fit you can always go with “small business”, although it will make you less searchable to potential fans:

 Step 5

Enter your business’ name, and click on “Get Started”:

 Step 6

Go through all of the “Set Up” steps


- Start by filling out the “About” section:


- Then add a “Profile Picture”. It’s a great idea to use your company’s logo here:

Kitties are always the second best choice:


- Next add your Page to your “Favourites”. Don’t skip this step, as it will help you find your Page much more easily in the future!


- Now get angry at Facebook for trying to get you to spend money on ads before your Page is anywhere near ready for promotion! You’ll probably want to skip the “Reach More People” prompt at this stage in the game :D

 Step 7

Install the Jobcast App. Just kidding, first you’ll need to explore a little. Facebook will invite you to explore with a “Getting Around” prompt:

I highly suggest you take them up on this, but next week we’ll show you our best tips for navigating your Facebook Page, and teach you some important Facebook related terms. Have a lovely Monday, and stay social! PS. If you do already have a Facebook Page for your company, you probably do want to install the Jobcast Facebook Recruiting App!

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June 16
Hero facebooks-new-page-layout-what-you-need-to-know

I love Facebook’s new Page layout. With it’s latest update, Facebook has attempted to streamline Company Pages, and focus on features that are the most used by Page managers in an attempt to make our jobs easier.

For the most part, I think that they have accomplished their goal. Awesome!


The new layout seriously de-emphasizes third party apps, and as a consequence of this your Career Tab will also less visible (no matter which recruiting app you use.)

Your Career Tab with the customized icon now appears to the left of your Company Page under the “Likes” module, which places it far bellow your navigation bar instead of within it. This means candidates will now have to scroll down in order to view your tab. 

Fortunately, it is still possible to have a Career Tab (without an icon) displayed within your navigation bar.

Here’s How

1 – Go to your Company Page and click on “More”.

2 – From the “More” drop down, select “Manage Tabs”.

3 – Click and drag your Career Tab towards the top of your tab list.

4 – Save your changes.

Now that we’ve got that under control, let’s go over the other new, and important updates to your Page.

Cleaner Page Timeline

Your Page posts are now displayed in a single, larger column on the right hand side of your Page, making it easier for you, and your fans to scroll through your posts.

Your company’s information (website, location, photos etc…) are displayed on the left hand side of your Page.

This will (hopefully) make the overall Facebook experience more consistent for users. 

New Like Prompt

Users who are not already fans of your Page are now shown a prominent prompt encouraging them to do so, which will hopefully encourage them to do so! 

Worked on me…

Easy Access to Key Info 

My favourite thing about the new layout is how easy it is to access important information such as new Likes, stats on your currently running ad campaigns, and any unread notifications. 

All of this can now be accessed via a simple menu at the top of your view, and new notifications and stats are visible at all times in the “This Week” module to the right of your Page.   

Love it!

Smash the Competition

Facebook as a company is pretty darn competitive, so if anyone knows how important it is to monitor rival businesses, they do. The new “Pages to Watch” feature Facebook has added to Company Pages is an incredibly helpful tool for this.

Pages to Watch allows you to create a list of competitors’ Pages, then compare your own Page’s performance to theirs, and view an assortment of stats about their general performance, posts, and popularity.  

If you thought I was going to screenshot our Pages to Watch, think again! I’m crazy for you, but not that crazy.


You may want to update your Cover Image and Profile Picture, so here’s an Infographic with all of the specific dimensions for both your Facebook Page, and image based content

How do you feel about all of these updates? Let us know in the comments 😀

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April 14
Hero standout-from-the-crowd-with-social-recruiting

Competition in the workplace is fierce. If you want to stand out from the crowd, i.e. your co-workers, then you need to do something to set yourself apart. You need to build a unique personal brand. A brand that screams innovator, or at least states it in a clear and confident manner. Yes, I know, personal branding is kinda cheesy! Think of it like this: Personal branding is really just showing your superiors, your peers, and the world what you’re made of, with a pinch of strategy added to the mix. If you’re a recruiter, or work in HR, becoming a social recruiting expert is an excellent way to make your name synonymous with innovation at your organization and is one of the best things you can do to build your recruiting brand. Why social recruiting?

Using social networks to hire is the future:

  • At the beginning of 2014, 2 out of 3 companies surveyed were expanding their social recruiting

  • A third of job seekers use social channels as their primary means of looking for work

  • 84% of candidates start their job hunt with a Google search

Social recruiting is effective:

  • 1 in 3 recruiters report that social recruiting has improved the quality and quantity of applications they receive

  • 76% of social job seekers found their current position on Facebook -

    Tweet it!

  • Social recruiting is very effective for referrals, and referrals are the best source of quality hires

Social recruiting sets you apart:

Social recruiting has been around for a while now, but thanks to slow adoption, and the tendency for recruiters and sourcers to confine their efforts to LinkedIn, you can still be seen as a trailblazer. Becoming a LinkedIn expert is not going to get you noticed! It’s still a smart idea to know your way around the network, keep your profile up to date, and make it a part of your social recruiting, but making it your thing at this point in the game, isn't going to help brand you as an innovator. So which networks should you master? That depends on your goals! Next week's blog post will explain how to choose the right network or networks to focus on if you want to take your career to the next level.

Until then, get out there, get social, and show ‘em what you’re made of!

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April 7
Hero facebook-freshens-up-for-spring-what-you-need-to-know

Facebook has been doing a little spring cleaning of late. Okay, a LOT of spring cleaning. Not much new there, except that most of their recent updates are geared towards Page owners and, as such, anyone using Facebook to recruit. Yes, that’s you! Not only that, but one of these updates is the re-introduction of a truly fantastic recruiting tool, and another marks a complete shift in how you use Facebook ads to promote your job posts, and target candidates.

Here’s what you need to know about Facebook’s most recent updates

Important Facebook has (finally) updated their Pages manager for IOS. As a Page manager you may now Pin and unpin posts to the top of your Timeline, make photos from your Timeline and albums your profile image, and create and edit events from your iPad. Pages got a re-vamp. Well, most peoples’ Pages did! If your Page hasn't been updated yet, it should happen shortly. Here’s what you’ll notice:

  • A new layout with the right column of your Page displaying your Timeline, and the left column dedicated to information about your brand. This information will depend on your business, but you’ll likely see details about Page Likes, posts, apps, and video along with contact information including a map, and hours of operation.

  • Apps will be displayed less prominently, in the left column, or under the “More” tab in the navigation menu.

  • A “This Week Box”, which contains new messages and Likes, information about your current ad campaigns, and unread notifications.

For the new FB Page layout dimensions check out this article by Inside Facebook

Very Important You can now Facebook stalk your competition automatically and in complete secrecy. The new “Pages to Watch” feature allows you to select up to five pages to monitor. Facebook does notify Page managers that they are being watched, but doesn't tell them by whom, so your secret is safe! I have my five, do you have yours?

MOST Important Facebook ads have changed a LOT! Facebook will no longer be offering sponsored stories starting on April 9th. When I first heard this, I must admit, I was pretty grumpy! Until I read FB’s explanation and learned that they plan on adding social context to ALL Facebook ads. Social context is pretty much the key to FB ads’ high ROI, so now I’m totally okay with it. The Core Audiences feature of Facebook ads is now much more widely available even more targeted than before. This is great for recruiters because it allows you to target potential candidates by location, demographic, interests, and behaviors.

Here’s a breakdown of all the recent changes to the Core Audiences feature

Lookalike Audiences are back, and now they bring some serious value for your Page! You can use this feature to generate multiple Lookalike audiences with which to target users similar to your pre-existing fan-base. This is an incredible way to insure that the jobs you promote with Facebook ads get seen by your target market.

Here’s a detailed explanation of how you can use Facebook Lookalike Audiences I’m sure that as soon as I publish this blog post there will be at least ten new Facebook updates I wish I had included! How do you stay on top of the ever evolving medium that is social media? Oh, and just in case you didn't know; the best way to spring clean your Facebook recruiting is by installing the Jobcast Facebook recruiting app. I'm sure you already knew that though ;)

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April 2
jobcast blog linklove fastfurious

If a job is posted on Facebook and no candidate is there to click “Like” does that job post even exist? Yes. Obviously! That job post may exist, but it’s certainly not helping anyone’s hiring efforts. Facebook recruiting is awesome; it’s being used by most of the top employers out there these days because it works. It works really really well, but only  if employers make driving traffic to their Page a top priority. Unfortunately, many employers still treat Facebook the same way they would a job board. They post their jobs and move on. Trouble is; Facebook is NOT a job board! You must drive traffic to your Page in order to see results. On Monday we were lucky enough to have the very clever Gareth Cartman contribute e a guest post on our blog. In his post Gareth explains how you can use SEO to improve your recruiting and get your job posts seen by potential candidates. If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you read Gareth’s post, and then check out his other articles over at Clever Little Design, where he shares even more great tips for improving your reach and growing your brand. Once you've paid Gareth a visit, take a look at these links for even more ways you can get potential candidates' eyes on your job posts: My all time, number one, top pick for improving your social recruiting is Facebook ads. Find out why I think they are so effective for recruiting, and learn how to use Facebook ads to target qualified candidates in this white paper. If Facebook ads are choice number one for boosting your job posts’ reach, then what's choice number two? Twitter! Twitter is the perfect place to advertise the jobs you post on Facebook and your career site, if you have followers that is! Check out this post by Media Bistro to learn the easiest way to get more Twitter followers. Visual content boosts engagement. This is a true fact; Facebook also gives visual content higher priority when selecting what to display in users’ news feeds, so it's kind of a big deal. Check out this post by Heidi Cohen for 5 tips that will improve your visual content. I saved the most comprehensive for last. This post over at Creative Market is heeeyuuuuge, but worth reading from start to finish because it is chock full of easy to implement advice for driving traffic to your site(s).  Seriously, don’t skip this one. I hope these links help you ensure that you never again post a job without a candidate there to click the Like button. Happy Link Loving! Oh, and definitely sign up for our news letter… You won’t regret it!

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