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5 Great Resources to Increase Traffic to Your Job Posts

Posted by Samara Parker
April 2nd, 2014

If a job is posted on Facebook and no candidate is there to click “Like” does that job post even exist?



That job post may exist, but it’s certainly not helping anyone’s hiring efforts.

Facebook recruiting is awesome; it’s being used by most of the top employers out there these days because it works. It works really really well, but only  if employers make driving traffic to their Page a top priority.

Unfortunately, many employers still treat Facebook the same way they would a job board. They post their jobs and move on.

Trouble is; Facebook is NOT a job board!

You must drive traffic to your Page in order to see results.

On Monday we were lucky enough to have the very clever Gareth Cartman contribute e a guest post on our blog. In his post Gareth explains how you can use SEO to improve your recruiting and get your job posts seen by potential candidates.

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you read Gareth’s post, and then check out his other articles over at Clever Little Design, where he shares even more great tips for improving your reach and growing your brand.

Once you've paid Gareth a visit, take a look at these links for even more ways you can get potential candidates' eyes on your job posts:

My all time, number one, top pick for improving your social recruiting is Facebook ads. Find out why I think they are so effective for recruiting, and learn how to use Facebook ads to target qualified candidates in this white paper.

If Facebook ads are choice number one for boosting your job posts’ reach, then what's choice number two? Twitter! Twitter is the perfect place to advertise the jobs you post on Facebook and your career site, if you have followers that is! Check out this post by Media Bistro to learn the easiest way to get more Twitter followers.

Visual content boosts engagement. This is a true fact; Facebook also gives visual content higher priority when selecting what to display in users’ news feeds, so it's kind of a big deal. Check out this post by Heidi Cohen for 5 tips that will improve your visual content.

I saved the most comprehensive for last. This post over at Creative Market is heeeyuuuuge, but worth reading from start to finish because it is chock full of easy to implement advice for driving traffic to your site(s).  Seriously, don’t skip this one.

I hope these links help you ensure that you never again post a job without a candidate there to click the Like button.

Happy Link Loving!

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