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Facebook’s New Page Layout: What You Need to Know

Posted by Samara Parker
June 16th, 2014

I love Facebook’s new Page layout. With it’s latest update, Facebook has attempted to streamline Company Pages, and focus on features that are the most used by Page managers in an attempt to make our jobs easier.

For the most part, I think that they have accomplished their goal. Awesome!


The new layout seriously de-emphasizes third party apps, and as a consequence of this your Career Tab will also less visible (no matter which recruiting app you use.)

Your Career Tab with the customized icon now appears to the left of your Company Page under the “Likes” module, which places it far bellow your navigation bar instead of within it. This means candidates will now have to scroll down in order to view your tab. 

Fortunately, it is still possible to have a Career Tab (without an icon) displayed within your navigation bar.

Here’s How

1 – Go to your Company Page and click on “More”.

2 – From the “More” drop down, select “Manage Tabs”.

3 – Click and drag your Career Tab towards the top of your tab list.

4 – Save your changes.

Now that we’ve got that under control, let’s go over the other new, and important updates to your Page.

Cleaner Page Timeline

Your Page posts are now displayed in a single, larger column on the right hand side of your Page, making it easier for you, and your fans to scroll through your posts.

Your company’s information (website, location, photos etc…) are displayed on the left hand side of your Page.

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This will (hopefully) make the overall Facebook experience more consistent for users. 

New Like Prompt

Users who are not already fans of your Page are now shown a prominent prompt encouraging them to do so, which will hopefully encourage them to do so! 

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Worked on me…

Easy Access to Key Info 

My favourite thing about the new layout is how easy it is to access important information such as new Likes, stats on your currently running ad campaigns, and any unread notifications. 

All of this can now be accessed via a simple menu at the top of your view, and new notifications and stats are visible at all times in the “This Week” module to the right of your Page.   

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Love it!

Smash the Competition

Facebook as a company is pretty darn competitive, so if anyone knows how important it is to monitor rival businesses, they do. The new “Pages to Watch” feature Facebook has added to Company Pages is an incredibly helpful tool for this.

Pages to Watch allows you to create a list of competitors’ Pages, then compare your own Page’s performance to theirs, and view an assortment of stats about their general performance, posts, and popularity.  

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If you thought I was going to screenshot our Pages to Watch, think again! I’m crazy for you, but not that crazy.


You may want to update your Cover Image and Profile Picture, so here’s an Infographic with all of the specific dimensions for both your Facebook Page, and image based content

How do you feel about all of these updates? Let us know in the comments 😀