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Best of Social Recruiting, HR, and Employer Branding This Week

Posted by Samara Parker
July 30th, 2013

I am woman, hear me roar.

Okay… so I don't actually roar, although I do heckle pretty loudly at baseball games, if that counts for anything? (and believe me, it does).

Luckily for me, and you, there are lots of fantastic women roaring HR advice, employer branding tips, and social recruiting know-how from the rafters, so no one has to suffer my attempts at creating Facebook-themed musical covers of old baseball chants.

This week the women of social recruiting have been especially prolific. So much so, that without even realizing it, every article we've chosen to feature in this week's Link Love was inspired by women in the industry, or written by a female blogger.

How cool is that?!

Our first featured article, Saving Sandcastles: Determining Worthwhile Endeavors, comes to us from Blogging4Jobs. In it, Rayanne Thorn provides you with some critical questions to ask when deciding whether or not to attempt a new project.

In case you didn't know, we love Facebook here at the Jobcast blog. That's why this article by Meghan Kelly got us so excited! In it, Meghan explains why Sheryl Sandburg is so excited about Facebook's killer advertising quarter. Facebook ads are an awesome way to attract candidates, and grow employer brands, which is why they're getting lots of attention from marketers and employers alike.

Speaking of Sheryl Sandburg, apparently a management supervisor at a certain fairly well-known San Francisco agency has decided to take a new approach to finding a husband, inspired by Sandburg's book “Lean In”. She's decided to start a referral program to fill the position, and is offering a $10,000 prize to whoever manages to introduce her to the perfect candidate. Talk about being proactive with your goals!

Women are often said to be great communicators, which is probably why there are so many women in HR. Margaret Heffernan's latest piece for Inc. is about how what you do before you open your mouth determines how effectively you'll communicate your thoughts. She explains how to use the mantra “Think. Breathe. Speak.” to become a better communicator.

The most girl-powery article award definitely goes to Stacy Donovan Zappar's latest blog post. In it, she reviews the documentary She++ and gives her take on how we can get more women working in the field of technology.

And how could we do a Lady themed Link Love without featuring the Cynical Girl herself, Laurie Ruettimann?! Well, maybe if she hadn't written such an interesting article about what motivates us to go to work, and the taboo of office romance. Laurie's article asks you to “open your eyes. Take a look around you. Is your workplace all about sex and death?

And now I'll ask you, how can I possibly compete with a such a racy topic?

Well, I'm pretty sure I can't, so, that's all folks.

If you've read any great blogs by or about women in HR, employer branding, or social recruiting that we should feature on our blog, let us know in the comments.