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Pinterest's New Look, Google Keep, and Tumblr's 100 Million Blogs About Kittens

Posted by Samara Parker
March 27th, 2013

March has been a seriously busy month as far as social media goes. There is so much happening on the internet! I don’t know where to start …

Okay, I take that back. I started by writing about Facebook’s soon to be released News Feed updates. I think that was a pretty smart move, considering we are a Facebook recruiting app, but there’s still so much to talk about like :

Pinterest got a makeover, I’m really digging the “people who pinned this also pinned” feature. It helped me waste a whole bunch of time that could have been spent outside, in the sun, with my loved ones. Okay, maybe I don’t like it so much anymore.

Google released Google Keep, their version of Evernote. From watching their promo video, I’m pretty sure Keep would make my life better, as I would never run out of pickles again, oh, and never be late for meetings, or forget an amazing article idea which is also important. Too bad it’s only for Android. No pickles for me.

Facebook has changed their cover photo policy yet again! I think most brands will be pretty darn happy about Facebook getting rid of their rules against including calls-to-action, pricing, and contact info in cover images.

Google Plus has introduced a filter that allows user to search for images only. This is a great example of Google Plus adapting to the increasingly image-based nature of social media and yet another reason to use G+ for recruiting.

Tumblr hit a major milestone, the company recently announced that it now hosts over 100 million blogs. Most of them are dedicated to six-pack abs, kittens snuggling with puppies, and teens who post pictures of their funny hair and tattoos. There are also some awesome blogs about social media and digital culture like the one run by Social Media in Organisations.

Hopefully I covered all of the most important stuff, but I know I’m forgetting something…