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Back to Basics: 4 Great Articles on the Essentials of Social Recruiting

Posted by Samara Parker
February 19th, 2014

What's new with social recruiting? A lot of course!

But, everyone is always covering the newest, shiniest topics; at Jobcast, we like to take the road less traveled, to boldly go where no social recruiting app has gone before... Well, actually, we mostly just try to cover the topics our readers want covered!

That's why today's Link Love is all about the basics of social recruiting. The basic stuff that never changes, no matter how up to date your apps are, or even what social platforms you are using; these key tenants will help you optimize your social recruiting.

Here are 4 essentials of social recruiting and 4 articles that will help you capitalize on them:

You just gotta be you!

And that you must appeal to the talent you want to attract. Before you can start engaging with potential candidates, you have to have an employer brand presence that they can engage with, and that they will want to engage with. This article from will show you how to create an employer brand that will appeal to the candidates you want to attract.

The goal is greater than just filling one job

Social or not, if your recruiting strategy is just focused on filling positions as they open up, you've got a problem. You've got to think long term if you want to increase the ROI on your recruiting efforts. Thinking in terms of talent communities and talent pipelines is a far more effective way to recruit. In this post from Blogging4Jobs, Crystal Miller explains the essential pillars of talent communities.

The emphasis is on the Social, not the Media

No matter what platforms you choose for recruiting, they only work if you are actually social with them. You need to engage with potential candidates, respond to their questions, and share interesting content with them. Here's a great post by Syed Balkhi on how you can create a story with your content to engage candidates through social media.

It's still all about the jobs

Speaking of creating engaging content, when it comes to social recruiting the most important content you share is still job posts. Not to brag or anything, but my dad knows more about writing job posts than your dad. This is because he has worked in HR for over 30 years and is married to my mother who has worked in HR for almost as long. Here are their best tips for writing great job posts. 

Happy social recruiting!