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The best of HR and social recruiting in 2012

Posted by Samara Parker
December 19th, 2012

The year is ending. Time to go back over everything that you've accomplished and either pat yourself on the back, or do as I do, and freak out over all of the things you said you'd do that you didn't get around to. My Twitter account is still 90% rap lyrics, I still do not own a pair of high-heel shoes (nor could I walk in them if I did), and I still haven't made my own Infographic. I did, however, do a lot more writing than last year, complete a 12-mile mud-run in pretty decent time and move to Europe — so not all that bad! How about you? Did you accomplish all of your goals this year?

Today's Link Love is a best-of-the-best list with links thrown in. All of the links are worth checking out. Some are silly, some are super useful, some are both, but all of them are awesome!


Most interesting social recruiting controversy:

Job Boards!

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned throw-down? Forbes got a ton of backlash for publishing an article declaring Job Boards to be a thing of the past. In response, we wrote an article about how Job Boards are here to stay... Whadda you know — Forbes did too! For more info, check out what The Job Board Doctor has to say on the matter.

Most important social recruiting platform:


Okay, obviously, we'd say Facebook is the most important social recruiting network — we are a Facebook app after all! But come on, Facebook is where the talent is, because, well, Facebook is where everyone is. Even my mom. And her entire bridge group. They are all very talented ladies! PROOF!

Best HR related Twitter account:


I should have said @Jobcastnet, but I'd have been lying. Not that we don't tweet some good stuff, but we don't tweet anywhere near as often as The Undercover Recruiter does. Not only are their tweets frequent, well-timed and pertinent, they are also always high quality. If you don't follow them, get on it! Oh, and they are also one of my favorite recruiting/HR related blogs.

Runner-up: Jim Dougherty @leaderswest. He posts great Social Media / HR related content and adorable photos. He also has my favorite profile pic — men of Twitter take note!

Best Twitter account not related to HR:


Actually, if you like terrible jokes, rap music and fitness, then my personal twitter account is really the one for you! Actually no. Unless you are my husband, you so don't want to follow me on Twitter. Honestly. I have a sneaking suspicion that even he doesn't want to follow me on Twitter.

You do, however, want to follow @ArenaFlowers. Their new Twitter campaign is hugely successful, innovative and entertaining.

Best HR Infographic:


Evolution of the Recruitment Consultant FTW!

It's gorgeous and funny... It also has some great info, but that's just gravy!

Best social media Infographic:

The Social Media Zombie Apocalypse!

Nuff said.

Best web-site for staying up on the (social recruiting) trends:

I love Alltop.com. I use it to find new HR and social media related blogs to follow, see what kinds of posts are trending, and to research articles. It's awesome and super easy to use.

Honorable mentions: LinkedIn Answers and Quora.

Best app for staying up on the (social recruiting) trends:

Google Currents. I love it. I open it up every morning to see all of my favorite blogs organized in a slick magazine-like format. Google Currents + coffee = perfect morning.

My personal favorite app discovery of 2012 (because it's all about me!)


It ticks all the boxes: gorgeous, funny, robot-graphics, fitness-related, gamification, tells me how awesome I am — what's not to like? It's also perfect for a team-building competition at your company.

That's it for me. Sam out!