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Wednesday Link Love #4

Posted by Samara Parker
October 31st, 2012

What a productive week so far. We unveiled our new website, cast a trillion jobs (hyperbole is a well respected literary device!) and I invented a new word. Actually several, but only “Pincruiting” is work-related. The rest were invented at the gym when I tried to do too many pull-ups and fell on my posterior chain.

I hope all of your weeks are shaping up to be equally fruitful and far less painful than ours.

Here are some links to inspire even greater productivity:

Wunderlist! Where would I be without this awesome app? I have experimented with more list-making apps than I can count, but I just keep coming back to Wunderlist. It’s simple, intuitive and gorgeously designed. I can’t wait to see more from Wunderkinder.

20 Unconventional Tips to Improve Productivity. This girl’s entire website is devoted to improving efficiency and has lots of solid tips about becoming more productive at work.

Gamification For Better Results. Gamification can increase both engagement and productivity at work. Nerds all over the world rejoice! Leveling up is a pretty great feeling, so what if the goals can be a bit silly. You won’t mock me when I’m officially an inbox zero ninja-wizard level 82!

The Happy Secret to Better Work. An amazing Ted Talk about how a simple shift in thinking can improve success and productivity at work and in life. I’m pretty sure just watching this has made me a better person. And it’s funny. And maybe I cried a little.

Speaking of happiness… Happy Halloween! I’m going as John McClane— my poor husband got stuck being shards of glass, as he is only a level 80 ninja-wizard.