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A Gift from Facebook to Recruiters, High Quality Content, and More!

Posted by Samara Parker
December 4th, 2013

Oh hi!

How are you? Are you feeling festive yet?

I don't know about where you live, but I can no longer exit my home without a barrage of tinsel, sparkles, and choral singing. This has actually been going on since mid-November, but I've been trying to refrain from using the word Christmas on this blog until at least the first of December. And do not fear, there will be no holiday tips, or seasonal posts, until the tenth at the very earliest. Besides, I like New Years inspired blog posts best anyway!

This week's links are all about Facebook. Mostly because of the recent gift they have given employers and recruiters, but also because Jobcast is a Facebook Recruiting App, and this is our blog!

What is this gift I speak of? Easier access to passive candidates of course! Facebook is now prompting users to share if they are looking for work. This is awesome, especially considering more people are using Facebook to search for work than LinkedIn. There are also more recruiters using LinkedIn than there are on Facebook (according to Jobvite’s Social Recruiting Survey). More candidates and less competition — what could be better?

Facebook is also updating the algorithm it uses to select content to display on users’ Timelines. The new Facebook algorithm will favour ‘high quality’ content over memes. This update could either hurt, or help, employers in their Facebook recruiting efforts, depending on what kinds of content they choose to post.

Posting original content that includes images or video is a great way to capitalize on Facebook’s Timeline aggregation. May I suggest you check out this tutorial on how to create employee profiles to grow your employer brand?

I would also highly recommend checking out these 4 steps to prepare for the future of your workplace, by Mike Haberman over at Blogging4jobs. He may not directly say "get on the Facebook recruiting bandwagon", but really, we all know social is the future of recruiting!

UK Recruiter’s ‘600 Interesting and Useful Things for Recruiters’ series has rounded up tons of great articles for employers, in honor of their 600th issue, including 10 simple tips for Facebook Recruiting that get results.

That should keep your social recruiting task list full for at least a week!

Happy link lovin’.