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5 Tips For Getting Your Social On!

Posted by Samara Parker
May 21st, 2014

id you read Gareth Cartman’s latest guest post?

In it he explains why you must get social with your recruiting, if you want to attract millennials.

And, along with his convincing arguments, he even shares a quirky tip about how his company encourages employees to act as social media brand ambassadors.

Gareth presents all of this info with his signature British wit.

Unfortunately for you, I do not poses Gareth’s wit, but what I lack in wit, I make up for in curatorial skills! So, I present to you…

5 Actionable Tips for Getting Your Social On

“Inclusion of words like “click”, “please retweet”, “comment” and “share” are proven to increase engagement” – Click to Tweet!

From, 6 Ways to #Fail at Social Recruitingby Raj Sheth

Read this whole article please. It is short. It is sweet. It is chock full of good advice. Every single one of Raj’s tips can be applied to your social recruiting immediately with little to no effort, and will make your efforts more effective and your brand more likeable.

“Increase your recruiters visibility by letting them interact with candidates through a twitter chat” – Click to Tweet!

From, How Top Brands Use Twitter for Recruiting, by Nisha Raghavan

This article has been written before, and it will definitely be written again. Possibly by me! But, it has not been written this well. Nisha cuts through the fluff and gives you smart examples that you can actually use… Even if you are NOT blessed with Sodexo’s budget, or Zappos’ brand recognition!

“Know and reflect your company’s unique employer value proposition in order to build content that resonates with your prospects” – Click to Tweet!

From, Predictions for the Future of Digital Talent Acquisition (Part 1 Content)by James Ellis

If you aren’t following this series, start now! I know it sounds extremely boring, but I promise, the title, although technically correct, is misleading. Ellis’s article is fascinating, especially his explanation of fast versus slow content for recruiting.

“Review social profiles for insights into a candidate’s personality, interests, and potential company culture fit” – Click to Tweet!

From, How to Hire the Perfect Graduate (Infographic), from Undercover Recruiter

Infographics are one of my favorite ways to learn. Mostly because they are pretty! It is the time of the season for hiring recent grads, so stats and tips presented in this Infographic are especially pertinent.

“Every social platform appeals to a slightly different audience. Defining your target audience and choosing the best social platform to reach them is key to social recruiting” – Too long to Tweet! #lol

From, 10 Ways to Make Social Recruiting Work for You, by Crystal at Leadtail

Not only does this article share lots, and by lots I mean ten, great tips for social recruiting, but it also includes a whole bunch of cool articles on the topic as well.

Do you have any tips, or techniques you use for getting jiggy social with it? If so, share them in the comments 😀


Happy Link Loving, Big Willy style!