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Harness the Power of Big Data for Good, Not Evil!

Posted by Samara Parker
April 3rd, 2013

Big Data is powerful stuff. And, as all good employers and recruiters know, with access to such great power, comes great responsibility.

Jobcast believes in using our blog for the forces of good, not evil. Which is why we try our very best to help employers find great talent through helpful tips and guides to social recruiting.

Okay, so not quite as impressive as GI Joe protecting the world from the clutches of Cobra Command. But, pretty close, right?

In the spirit of GI Joe, today's Link Love is all about using Big Data for good! Big good!

For the good of employers, for the good of employees, for the good of the world:

This app is so cool!  Morale.me is a new app that aims to increase productivity by improving employee morale. Talk about a win-win situation! The iPhone app allows employers to connect via LinkedIn accounts, submit monthly feedback, access Foursquare-style engagement and anonymous assessments, utilize month-by-month, on-the-go tracking. It's also really pretty. So so cool.

Evolv recently gathered up a bunch of data about the effect of using social networks on productivity. They determined that "hourly employees who use social networks are more productive in general, but it seems the more social networks you use, the more productive you are."

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Skillshare is a new company looking to fill the skills gap by sharing knowledge through inexpensive (only $20) online courses. Professionals share practical knowledge of their field that they have gained hands-on.

What could be more noble than creating exciting infographics to spread knowledge and joy to the public?!? Absolutely nothing of course. Here's how to source Big Data through social media to inform your next infographic. And for the sake of all that is good in the world, if you do end up making your own infographic, let us know!

Our last link is for the Complaint-Free April Challenge. It has nothing to do with information or recruiting, but I would argue that it could lead to a far more positive work environment. Which could lead to more attractive company culture and better retention, which is very appealing to top talent. So there! I'm giving it a shot and thought it might make for a fun company team-building challenge too.

Happy Linking! If you have any complaints about the articles we've chosen to link to, please save them for May ;)