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March 13, 2013

Yesterday, we released an in-depth interview with interactive media specialist, Reg Hamilton. In the interview, Reg shared some key strategies for social media branding and Facebook recruiting. We love posting articles like these, as real-life examples of businesses utilizing Facebook and social recruiting are more useful to our client and reader-base than any other type of content.

Our previous post about Gordon Food Service, and their use of Facebook for branding and recruiting, was one of our most successful articles. In that interview, Dave Wiltjer outlined real-world strategies that GFS has used to great success. Most of our readership is employers and recruiters looking to hire for small to medium-sized businesses, and as such, advice from Forbes, based on the best practices of Fortune 500 companies, is far less applicable than the straightforward, down-to-earth strategies laid out by Dave and Reg.

And strategy matters.

In a recent piece for Inc., Eric Schurenburg wrote:

“Strategy is not complicated, or impractical, or disconnected from reality. And it’s certainly not optional.”

I think our recent articles, on both Gordon Food Services and Phoenix Group’s Think Saskatchewan Jobs campaign, show just how true those words are.

Today’s links are all about strategy. From why every business must make strategy a top-priority, to simple strategies for everyday business problems. Oh, and don’t worry, there’s an Infographic!

Link Love:

The 4 key things strategic thinkers do. This is the Inc. article I quoted above, it also has a super informative case-study, so definitely check this one out.

Strategy is never static, it must shift and grow with your business. This article explains how and why companies are shifting their strategies to promote innovation over

What about effective strategy for everyday office situations? The HR Bartender explains the importance of using problem solving strategy to find real solutions instead of just bandaids.

Optimize your Facebook engagement strategy with this simple plan.

Infographic time! How and why you waste time and strategies to become a time management pro.

What’s your best bit of social media strategy advice?