Oct 29
Facebook Rooms: Join The Social Recruiting Room & Links 

This Week’s Link Love is going to be a little different because Facebook recently released a new app; Facebook Rooms. Not only is Facebook’s latest app big news in the social media world… it’s also really, really fun. I’ll admit, I’ve been a little annoyed with Facebook since the release and forced adoption of Messenger, but Rooms is awesome and definitely worth a download. Its major strength is that, unlike Facebook, Rooms is an app …

Oct 27
How to Improve Your Recruiting Calls to Candidates

There’s no doubt about it – telephone interviews are quick, easy and can tell recruiters a great deal about the candidate. In other words, they’re a perfect method for initial candidate screening. There are several things, however, that every recruiter should know before picking up the phone and initiating the first contact with a potential candidate. Here are a few pointers on how to improve your telephone interviews. The first minutes of the call If …

Oct 22
Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey Takes Over the Internet

and ALL the stats

This week has been an absolute dream for social recruiters. Mostly because of all the buzz around Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey. In fact, almost all of this week’s article are in response to it. So I should probably go read it now… Jobvite’s 7th Social Recruiting Survey This survey is a font of knowledge for anyone in the business of hiring. It’s full of interesting tidbits about how today’s job seekers are using social …

Oct 20
Tips for Improving Candidate Experience from a UX Pro

Candidate experience is at the heart of effective recruitment strategy. Experience is what converts job seekers into applicants. 75% of jobseekers say that the look and feel of a job posting influences their decision to apply (Source: HireRight) and 30% of these candidates will leave the job posting without applying. The application process itself is also a key factor considering that another 30% of the applicants left will abandon your job post without completing their …

Oct 15
Giving Millennials Feedback, Better Career Sites, and HR Gossip!

It’s time to get your learn on with this week’s top articles! When Performance Reviews Simply Aren’t Enough – Anna Carroll “For the average Millennial, feedback is indeed ‘the breakfast of champions.’ ” – Click to Tweet I agree with this statement 100% and I’m willing to bet most of my fellow Millennials would too. Anna Carroll’s excellent article explains the importance of real-time feedback especially in regards to GenY. Oh, and hot tip: If …

Oct 13
Finally Over the Hump: The End of HR & Tech’s 7-Year Itch

The relationship between the Human Resources department and technology has always been pretty rocky. From HR’s frustratingly slow adoption of tech to clunky, verging on totally unusable applicant tracking systems, the couple has long standing history of getting on each others nerves. Jobcast’s founders, Johnny Oshika and Ryan St. Germaine have been working in the field of human resources/recruitment technology for about 14 years now, so they’ve seen it all. Their first company, BCjobs.ca, began as …

Oct 8
Learning from Taylor Swift, Avoiding Useless Meetings, and Parties!

The Best Of Recruiting, Social Media, & The World of Work

Jobcast Link Love! Have you read this fantastic article from Sprout Social yet?   In it, Anna Washenko explains what your business can learn from Taylor Swift to make your live-streaming events a success… Do you use live-streaming as a part of your recruitment process? Let us know in the comments below! On to the rest of our links: HR and Recruiting “30 percent of job seekers said they would rather go on a blind date …

Oct 6
9 Browser Extensions for Social Recruiters

+3 For all mankind

I love browser extensions because they are like shortcut keys that you do not have to memorize, and because without them my workload would double… And I would have to reset my company email account password every Monday! HR has a lot on their plate, especially now that hiring has gone social. From writing the perfect Job ad, to creating highly engaging visual images, to choosing effective hashtags for hiring top talent (we recommend #hiring), …

Oct 1
Visual Content Creation Tools

For social recruiting and world domination

Effective social recruiting is about more than just posting jobs on Twitter. If all you share is job ads, unless the name of your company is Apple, then you won’t attract a lot of followers. Developing a diverse content strategy is an essential part of building your online employer brand. That strategy must include image-based content, because it is the most effective kind of content for encouraging engagement. According to content marketing pros, like the …

Sep 29
7 Best Practices for Employee Referral Programs

Referrals are the number one source of quality hires. They significantly improve time to hire, and referred candidates consistently outperform candidates hired through other channels. Here are seven best practices for creating a referral program that works: Build a Solid Infrastructure Your referral program needs a solid structure to build upon. “By launching an effective ERP, Vistaprint increased referrals from 19 percent to 42 percent of its total hires in one year.” Source: Wall Street Journal MarketWatch …