Apr 16
5 Great Resources for Getting Better at Your Job

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly fretting about whether or not I’m good at my job. No matter how much praise a superior gives, how many goals I meet, or how often my mom remembers to Like my blog posts on Facebook; I’m constantly thinking about how I could do things better. I have a feeling you may also be like this. Otherwise, why would you be reading a blog about social recruiting …

Apr 14
Standout From the Crowd with Social Recruiting

Brand yourself as an innovator

Competition in the workplace is fierce. If you want to stand out from the crowd, i.e. your co-workers, then you need to do something to set yourself apart. You need to build a unique personal brand. A brand that screams innovator, or at least states it in a clear and confident manner. Yes, I know, personal branding is kinda cheesy! Think of it like this: Personal branding is really just showing your superiors, your peers, …

Apr 9
5 Awesome Apps for Social Recruiters

It is spring. Spring is the BEST time to clean up your social recruiting. Mostly because of the whole spring cleaning thing, but also because: A – It’s usually around this time that our New Years resolutions start to slip B – It’s reaaaaaaally nice out and becoming more efficient will give you more time to chill in the sun and eat popsicles I know how important popsicles are to you, so I’m going to …

Apr 7
Facebook Freshens Up for Spring: What You Need to Know

Facebook's latest updates

Facebook has been doing a little spring cleaning of late. Okay, a LOT of spring cleaning. Not much new there, except that most of their recent updates are geared towards Page owners and, as such, anyone using Facebook to recruit. Yes, that’s you! Not only that, but one of these updates is the re-introduction of a truly fantastic recruiting tool, and another marks a complete shift in how you use Facebook ads to promote your …

Apr 2
5 Great Resources to Increase Traffic to Your Job Posts

All eyes on you!

If a job is posted on Facebook and no candidate is there to click “Like” does that job post even exist? Yes. Obviously! That job post may exist, but it’s certainly not helping anyone’s hiring efforts. Facebook recruiting is awesome; it’s being used by most of the top employers out there these days because it works. It works really really well, but only  if employers make driving traffic to their Page a top priority. Unfortunately, …

Apr 1
Facebook Ads: The Best Recruiting Tool You’re Not Using!

Learn how to use Facebook ads to improve your recruiting

Facebook ads are my favorite tool for social recruiting. Whether you want to reach passive candidates (and seeing as they make up 86% percent of the workforce, who wouldn’t?), increase application volume (obviously!), reach more qualified candidates (even better than quantity I’m told), improve retention (did you know that candidate failure often costs 1.5 times their annual salary?), or all of the above (um, YES!) Facebook ads are your best bet. In our experience Facebook …

Apr 1
White Paper: Learn How to Use Facebook Ads to Target Candidates with the Skills You Need

Targeted Facebook Ads are the best tool for reaching the right candidates for your jobs. With Facebook Ads you can ensure that your job posts and Career Page connect with candidates who have the skills your company requires. Narrowly targeted Facebook Ads reach their intended user base over 90% of the time! And, the ROI on Facebook Ads is five times higher than typical web ads because they give you access to Facebook’s massive social …

Mar 31
Can You Be Found?

How to increase your googleability!

OK – show of virtual hands. How many of you have googled a candidate to see what comes up? I’ll admit it. I’ve done it, and it’s not very HR of me – but some candidates who may have thought they were perfect will have ended up on my “do not invite” list because of their terrible Twitter feeds full of booze and profanity. Some had written blogs full of poor grammar and spelling mistakes. …

Mar 26
5 Articles to Improve Your Content Strategy

Link Love i.e. Internet Shout-Outs!

We’ve been talking a lot about content strategy on the blog lately. Our most recent post was about three kinds of content that are effective for social recruiting. Today’s Link Love is a perfect example of one of the types of content we suggested in that post: the shout-out. There are so many awesome bloggers and writers sharing their knowledge of recruiting, employer branding, and social media on the web. They work hard to provide …

Mar 24
The 3 Best Kinds of Unselfish Content for Recruiting

Last week we featured content marketing pro, Megan Lunetta, on the blog. She shared her tips on how to use research and data to create a content strategy that resonates with your target market/ideal candidates. Megan explained that you cannot simply post “selfish” content, i.e. ads and job posts, and in order to grow your reach, talent pools, and employer brand, you’ll need to have a strategy that includes varied content which provides value to …