Aug 20
5 Articles that Will Make Your Job Posts Better

Writing better job postings is the best way to convert job seekers into applicants. It is also one of the most difficult parts of the hiring process. There are tons of resources available for improving your job postings: tips and tricks from HR experts, content-tutorials, and even straight-up templates. It’s all been done. Yet, the formula for writing engaging, effective job ads remains elusive! Making job ads interesting is hard, and I’ve yet to see …

Aug 18
How to Guesstimate Which Recruiting Trends Actually Matter

Staying on trend doesn’t always mater. Food trends can be ignored in favor of eating whatever looks good and is on sale. Fashion trends can be neglected, so long as you stock up on neutrals… Or, for virtual workers like myself, opt for PJs all day every day. Music trends can actually be detrimental to your life, especially considering the current enthusiasm for EDM. And fitness trends ought to be ignored at all costs. For …

Aug 13
Build a Great Team, Hire Like Great Recruiters, and More Great Things

Being great is a thing worth working towards, at least I think so! I hope you do as well because today’s link love is dedicated to the pursuit of greatness… First things first: “Start by admitting that greatness doesn’t come from the distraction and busywork that often fills up our lives.” – Click to Tweet I pulled this quote from Leo Babauta’s article How to Be Great. When you’re great you can make all sorts …

Aug 11
One Job Post: All Your Social Networks!

How to Set-Up Automatic Job Sharing with Jobcast

The main pain point with adopting new hiring platforms is having to share the same job ad over and over again. Sharing the exact same job ad to each of your individual social networks and job boards is a huge waste of time. It is also frustrating because you are must adjust your ad along the way to fit each platforms’ unique standards. Not fun, not efficient, and thankfully, not necessary! With Jobcast you can use …

Aug 6
Boring Brands Win, Soft Skills, and Why You Shouldn’t Try to Predict the Future!

Welcome back to Link Love Wednesday! Today’s links are human resources heavy, in the best possible way. HR is a complicated field. Not only do you need to understand complicated technology, track data, and navigate a maze of policy, but you must have the skills required to attract, motivate, and placate real live humans. Unlike numbers, us humans are emotional and fickle beasts, which is why excellent soft skills are a mandatory part of the …

Aug 4
Caring is Sharing: Why Corporate Storytelling is Important

During the course I teach in Creative Writing at Utrecht University, I tell my students one thing when they’re considering the protagonists of their stories: make me care. For readers to want to become engaged with your story, they have to like your character – flaws and all. I tell them that when I’m at a party and I’m talking to someone I don’t like, I politely find a way to excuse myself and exit …

Jul 30
Denny’s Social Media Grand Slam, Women of HR Tech, and More Trello

It is Wednesday. Wednesday is international Link Love day. That fact is untrue, but it sure sounds good doesn’t it? Unlike that untrue fact the articles we’re sharing today not only sound good, but are well researched, informative, and not blatant lies… At least we hope not!  Interesting thoughts on what makes a good hire in the age of social media by Ted Coine.  “The Social Age is not the age of predictability and routine.” …

Jul 28
26 Social Recruiting Stats and Facts

+ 1 adorable bunny.

If social recruiting is the future, then the future is now! 94% of companies are using social to recruit, but as often happens with the introduction of new technology, many of these companies are applying outdated strategies to these new mediums for hiring. They focus on just one network: LinkedIn, and just one form of content: The job ad… This version of social recruiting is outdated, and ineffective. Especially considering that: Only 14% of LinkedIn …

Jul 23
Personality Traits, Recruiting Apps, and Happiness

Do you think personality tests can help with culture fit?

Personality tests fascinate me.  I’m not talking the ever popular Buzzfeed what celebrity baby are you type quizzes here, although occasionally even those prove hard to resist!  Nope, I am referring to those tests that claim to give you all of the information you need to choose your perfect career, make people like you, and just generally become more successful at life. So I couldn’t help but click when Trish from HR Ringleader posted an …

Jul 21
Smarter Social Recruiting Through Collaboration

How and why combining multiple social networks is the future

Historically, when humans began to collaborate and work together, a fundamental shift happened. A shift that prioritized intelligence over forceful competition. Cool huh? Thank you Discovery Channel! The importance of intelligence in today’s society is undeniable. We all strive to be more intelligent in all aspects of our lives. We want to work smart, live smart, and even exercise smart! “Cooperation leads to intelligence.” – Click to Tweet Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News We also want …