October 17

It seems like right now is a great to be looking for a job. Steady growth seems to be a trend that’s going to continue in many industries, and U.S. unemployment rates are down below 5%. Whether you’re currently unemployed looking for a job, employed looking at your options or just coming out of school, now’s the time to look at something new. The job categories that grew the most this year have been Community and Social Service, which grew 14.61% and Computer and Mathematics, which grew by 14.49%. These two grew by far the most, however next up with slightly... Read More

April 1

Targeted Facebook Ads are the best tool for reaching the right candidates for your jobs. With Facebook Ads you can ensure that your job posts and Career Page connect with candidates who have the skills your company requires. Narrowly targeted Facebook Ads reach their intended user base over 90% of the time! And, the ROI on Facebook Ads is five times higher than typical web ads because they give you access to Facebook’s massive social graph. Download this white paper and get all of the information you need to start using Facebook ads to connect with qualified candidates now! You’ll... Read More

December 23

Facebook is the Worlds Most Effective Social Recruiting Platform: Download this White Paper and Start Recruiting with Facebook Today! Facebook has a massive reach, and its over 1 billion user base makes it the largest social talent pool to date. Facebook recruiting is simple, fast, and effective. If you know how to use it! Download this white paper now and you’ll get access to: Our Step-by-step Facebook recruiting guide Important statistics all employers should know about social recruiting Research-based methods for recruiting passive candidates Field tested content strategies that attract potential hires