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September 24, 2014

Do you share articles that you have not actually read?

According to a recent article on the Verge by Adrianne Jeffries, most of as are doing this on a regular basis.

The article quotes Toney Haile, CEO of traffic tracking company Chartbeat, as saying:


Crazy, huh?

This week I had planned on doing a round-up of our most shared articles of 2014, but upon reading Jeffries’ post, I’ve changed my mind.

Instead, I present to you…

The most read Jobcast blog posts of 2014 (so far):

10 – 26 Social Recruiting Stats and Facts.

9 – Three Recruiting Trends To Watch: And how to implement them.

8 – How to Choose the Your Recruiting Specialty: Personal brand = Social recruiter.

7 – Recruiting with Pinterest and Instagram: Yay or Nay?

6 – Five Essential Social Media Management Apps.

5 – Transform Your Job Posts From Ho-Hum to Aha! Starring Susan Wright-Boucher

4 – Creating a Culture of Retention for 2014.

3 – Recruiting Passive Candidates with Social: It’s kind of a big deal.

2 – Back to Basics: 4 Great Articles on the Essentials of Social Recruiting.

1 – Are Passive Candidates the Unicorns of Recruiting? Short answer: Yes

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