June 29

Your Facebook Page is your secret weapon. You can quickly communicate your brand on a channel that most of your target audience is already on. You can recruit passive candidates and convert your employees into brand ambassadors! It’s also a great marketing platform. For smaller businesses with a less-developed website, Facebook has most of the required functionality you need!   1. Make sure your images stand out! Are your images bold, engaging, and effective? If not, they risk being scrolled past and buried in the graveyard of uninteresting status updates. It only takes a second to catch someone’s eye, but... Read More

May 12

When researching how to help our users boost engagement for their social recruiting, the most obvious answer was more visual content. It’s been shown that content which includes images or video gets more engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So, you’re interested in making your social recruiting visual, how do you go about it. “Social recruiting isn’t an Instagram-ready field, like interior design or fashion!”, you lament. “How can we best create visual content for social recruitment?” “How can we make sure that every job post, or piece of employer brand content, that we share is visually-optimized?” These are great... Read More

April 14

Did you know that UK-based companies hire more than 50% of passive candidates on average every year? Or that passive candidates, who are open to hearing from recruiters, account for nearly 85% of the global workforce? Recruitment specialists Armstrong Appointments came out with an infographic that shares some interesting facts and figures about passive candidates – a breed that is fast emerging as the apple of a recruiter’s eye. According to it, traditional job listings and employee referrals are some of the best ways to attract the attention of a passive candidate.

October 26

Of all the changes that the Internet and social media have wrought, one of the biggest is changing forever the way that companies and potential employees connect. Social media in particular has created a revolution both in finding out about and applying for jobs for employees, and discovering more about potential hires. But how do companies know if any or all of various social media platforms works for them and their needs? Measurement is key, and that includes setting goals and matching them to distinct metrics. Social media measurement can also help to gauge time and monetary investment, and direct... Read More

July 1

Happy Canada Day! Did you even know that it was Canada Day? I forgive you if you didn’t. Especially if you are not Canadian. Jobcast is a Canadian company, based out of Vancouver BC, so to honour our Canadian roots this week’s Link Love is all about Canada. To start, here’s an interesting fact for anyone looking for a job in our home and native land: Monday is the best day of the week to turn in your application. Monday applicants have a 10% higher chance of being chosen for interviews. For more fun facts about working in Canada check... Read More

June 17

Candidate experience should be a core consideration at every stage of the recruitment and hiring process. Social recruiting, mobile-friendly application, and video interviewing should enhance the candidate’s experience as well as the talent acquisition process. I’ve highlighted these three aspects of hiring because each of them speak to how today’s candidate wants to be recruited. 56% of candidates now turn to social media first when commencing their job search, 9 in 10 job seekers are looking for work via mobile device, and 66% of candidates prefer video interviewing to the traditional. Candidates want to be able to connect with companies... Read More

June 10

The rules of work have changed a lot since I got my first real job. It used to be that I had to commute to my job, dress up nicely, and arrive at 8am sharp every morning. These days my work life looks very different… I’m working right now. I am also sitting on my couch wearing slippers. Some days I start at 5am and I’m done by 4pm. Some days I start at noon and work late into the night. Most of my meetings take place on Skype, and our team projects are managed with Basecamp and Trello instead... Read More

May 20

LinkedIn threw HRTech software providers and many employers for a loop last week when they implemented changes to their API that restricts the use of their “Apply With LinkedIn” feature. But us tech nerds aren’t the only ones struggling with LinkedIn these days. According to Irina Shamaeva anyone using LinkedIn’s “Job Posting” feature to recruiting is at risk of alienating potential hires by no fault of their own. Why You Lose Potential Candidates with LinkedIn Job Posts – Posted by Irina Shamaeva @braingain “While professionals may consider changing jobs for many reasons other than money, the salary is one of... Read More

May 13

Know your candidate is one of the major tenants of recruitment. This knowledge informs how your reach job seekers, how you sell your company to them, and how you convert them into applicants. To help you stay abreast of the latest workforce trends we’ve gathered 5 excellent blog posts about today’s candidates. Baby Boomer Brain Drain – Alison Napolitano 10, 000 Baby Boomers turn 65 each day! – Click to Tweet Baby Boomers exiting the labor force will potentially push the skills gap to an all-new high! So expect the current workforce trend towards a candidate drive market to continue.... Read More

May 6

If you need a hand staying on top of the latest trends in social media in order to keep your social recruiting current, then we’ve got you covered! For this week’s link love we’ve rounded up the best new blog posts on social media, mobile, and social recruiting for your reading pleasure. In the articles linked bellow you’ll find excellent information on everything from how job seekers behave on Twitter to how Mobilegeddon actually affected website performance. Enjoy! 76 Percent of Job Seekers Browse Company Profiles on Twitter – Kimberlee Morrison The impact of social media on recruitment is undeniable. The... Read More