February 25

Have you ever heard of the expression “Fear Of Success”? Could you be undermining yourself and your career goals simply by not living up to your full potential? If this is a problem for you, one of the first warning signs you may become aware of is that you begin to feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied in your job role, and might feel pessimistic about your future. Here’s how to unlock your true potential and achieve your career goals in 4 strategic steps and how to know when you’ve reached your goal of living up to your true professional self.  ... Read More

June 9

Facebook is a great tool to connect with everyone from your family and friends to any of the other 1.65 billion monthly active users on the site. Did you know that there are hundreds of millions of Facebook Groups that you can join? With that much reach and potential, it’s no surprise that Facebook Groups present a great opportunity to share your job postings with tons of people who share common interests with you and your company. Jobcast knows that more and more people are using Groups to look for new jobs and further their careers. To help you take advantage of this, we’ve... Read More

May 17

Here at Jobcast, our product development team is always looking to build and improve on our product and now, it’s easier than ever to manage your Jobcast account with our newly redesigned Dashboard!   Our users have spoken and we have listened. We know that these are the Jobcast features that you use the most, so we’ve put them on the front page and given you easy access: Post a New Job  – We know that you want to start finding candidates so we’ve added quick access to add your latest job opening. Manage Current Jobs – Have you found a great... Read More

July 1

Timing really is important. This is especially true when it comes to social media. In fact, other than open-heart surgery, I can think of no other instance in which timing is so crucial. Well, maybe Olympic track and field, or high speed car chases, or… Moving on. It’s not just the content of your post that determines how many views, shares, or likes that it gets. The timing matters too. Frequency, day of the week and time of day all play an important role in determining who sees the content you share. The same is true of your job posts.... Read More

June 17

We’ve been talking a lot about staying relevant on the blog lately. Because, when it comes to social recruiting, staying up to date on all the latest trends in media and technology is crucial to being successful. Right now nothing is more relevant than mobile. Last year alone saw the use of mobile increase by 103%. More than 2 out of 3 Facebook users log on via mobile, and even more importantly, about 1 in 6 users use Facebook from mobile exclusively. And not only are people using mobile more often, they are using it specifically to hunt for work.... Read More

November 5

There is a lot of controversy over the effectiveness of Facebook ads for small business. Most of this controversy seems to be about its lack of effectiveness for hard sales, which is a problem, but only if we’re approaching Facebook as we would Soooo… Let’s not and say we did, okay? Instead, let’s continue to view Facebook as a place to grow brand awareness, increase talent pools and nurture brand loyalty. Let’s see it as a place to create community, be social… as a social networking site. We know that Facebook ads do a great job of targeting specific... Read More

June 13

Many of our clients have expressed that they use Jobcast as their Facebook Career Page while still using their existing ATS or career site. If you have an existing solution for posting your jobs on the web, maybe you’re asking yourself, “why should I have to post this job twice?” With our Jobcast API  your ATS can now send jobs to your Jobcast Facebook app. But, if your ATS provider isn’t ready to use our API, that still leaves you with the pain of manually posting jobs. For those situations, we can help! Job Sync. Provide us with a link to... Read More

June 13

Many of our clients have expressed how important it is for their branding to show consistent design and messaging on all of their social platforms. We couldn’t agree more! To help build your brand presence, we’ve added some great new features that give you complete control over customizing your Facebook Career Page. When you upgrade to a Premium subscription, you will unlock these additional features: Brandable color scheme Custom banner placement Embeddable YouTube videos Welcome messaging Brandable color scheme Customize your Facebook Career Page’s colors to match your company’s brand. Custom banner placement & embeddable YouTube Add a banner to... Read More

May 16

We recently added more search engines to our list: Jobrapido Yakaz JustJobs Wowjobs By simply enabling the Include Jobs in Search Engines option, your jobs on your Facebook Page will automatically distribute to these new search engines, which we hope will greatly increase the exposure to your job openings. Just like sharing your jobs to your Social Network, you will be able to measure the success of these search engines through our reporting tools: We will monitor the quality of candidates referred from these search engines and add and remove from the list to continue improving the exposure to your... Read More