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5 Articles to Improve Your Content Strategy

Posted by Samara Parker
March 26th, 2014

We've been talking a lot about content strategy on the blog lately. Our most recent post was about three kinds of content that are effective for social recruiting.

Today's Link Love is a perfect example of one of the types of content we suggested in that post: the shout-out.

There are so many awesome bloggers and writers sharing their knowledge of recruiting, employer branding, and social media on the web. They work hard to provide us with free content to learn from. I don't know about you, but I think they deserve a little love (if not a lot!), and one of the best ways to give them the love that they deserve is to shout them out in a blog post.

Link Loves are one of my all time favorite forms of content because they give credit to those who deserve it, spread knowledge to those who need it, and facilitate connection and discovery, which is pretty much what social media is all about.

Here are 5 articles to help make your content strategy even better

I'm off to try and get this website party started!

Happy Link Loving :D