Social Recruiting for Football, Talent Wars, and A New Employee Referral App

Posted by Samara Parker
February 18th, 2015

This morning I was thrilled to find a plethora of share worthy articles in my reader, making compiling this week's Link Love a total breeze.

As per usual I’ve put together 5 of the best HR and recruitment related articles to share with you.

On a completely unusual note, Sports Illustrated is the source of my pick for #1 blog post of the week!

How Social Media is Shaking Up Recruiting; Punt, Pass, and Pork – By Andy Staples

Did you know that the NCAA forbids coach-recruit communication on Snapchat?

I certainly did not.

Andy’s article for Sports Illustrated magazine shares interesting tidbits like this along with a fascinating look at how campus sports recruiters like Matt Dudek, Director of On-Campus Recruiting and Player Personnel at the University of Arizona are using social media to make their recruiting efforts significantly more successful.

According to Dudek, “The power of social media is really second to none in recruiting.” – Click to Tweet

Blog social-recruiting-for-football-talent-wars-and-a-new-employee-referral-app

A meme Matt created for their social recruitment campaign!

Finding Talent: Set Your Sites on Social Media – By Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca gives some excellent social recruitment advice geared mainly towards start-ups, but useful for anyone.

How Recruiters and Job Seekers Use Social Media in 2015 – Infographic by Career Glider

Interesting stats about the current state of social recruiting and how employers plan on growing their use of social media for hiring in the future make this infographics an excellent resource. The awesome graphics make it fun. What’s not to love?

Blog social-recruiting-for-football-talent-wars-and-a-new-employee-referral-app

There IS a War for Talent in 2015 – By Will Thomson

According to Will 2015 is going to be the most competitive year for recruitment since 1999, in his words “2015 will be a blood bath!”

Will stresses the fact that this isn’t entirely a bad thing as it means a lot of the candidates that you’ve been looking to hire away from other jobs are now more open to a change of careers.

But the same can be said about your current employees, so make sure you have an effective retention program and recruitment strategy in place!

New Social Recruitment Platform Can Make You Money – By Steve Taggart

GigPlug is an app that matches its users’ social contacts with a database of open jobs. Users are then prompted to referral their contacts for the jobs that they match up with. Successful referrals can garner rewards of up to £2 500.

Needless to say I have downloaded this app…

So far I have been sorely disappointed with its matching algorithm, the app suggested that I recommend a very talented UX designer/developer for an office management role, not cool!

But matching algorithms are extremely complex so I would still like to give GigPlug the benefit of the doubt and see how they improve and grow.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on GigPlug. Have you tried it? Is it something you would use as a recruitment tool? Or maybe as a way to make a little cash on the side?

Let us know in the comments!