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Social Recruiting Slug Fest: Facebook vs. Buzzfeed, Entelo vs. Falcon and Recruiters vs. The World!

Posted by Samara Parker
July 17th, 2013

Everyone likes a good fight.

Some of us prefer physical battles : boxing, MMA, shark vs. bear, whilst others prefer the more intellectual skirmishes : political debate, heated philosophical discussion, and Amanda Bynes vs. Everyone on Twitter.

But I think we can all agree that a little conflict from time to time keeps things interesting, and, when handled properly, can even spur creativity and improvement.

This is why some of the best reviews and blog posts out there pit one product or concept against another. Comparing and contrasting their best and worst features, practicality, and general usefulness.

Today’s links are all about conflict, as it relates to social media of course, and to kick things off, I present to you:

Entelo vs. Falcon

Jim Stroud’s Cool Tool Cage-match: Falcon vs. Entelo. This is basically Jim making up for how disappointing the recent Anderson Silva fight was, by pitting two well-rated Chrome extensions that are popular for sourcing /social networking against each other. Thank you Jim! This post is awesome; it goes through the pros and cons of both apps with screenshots and commentary, and ends with Jim choosing a winner. You’ll have to read the article to find out which app reigns supreme!

Bloggers vs. Common Sense

Bloggers love to take on common sense. No, not because they are crazy and weird, but because it makes for great headlines and more interesting articles.

This past week brought us two stellar examples of this kind of journalism.

We’ll start with a piece on Inc.com, where Drew Greenblatt argues . Yup, that’s right, Drew says that if you have an awesome employee, who’s doing great at their job, you may want to keep them right there doing the job they are so very good at. You’ll have to check out his article if you want to know why, but I’ll admit he makes some very strong points. And, hey, just because you may not want to promote these employees, doesn’t mean you can’t give them a raise!

… annnnnnd, just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, those recruiting rebels-without-a-cause over at Fistful of Talent posted a blog by Jason Pankow that argues in favor of hiring “idiots”. The article is pretty sensationalized, but the gist is that hiring less than intelligent employees means improved productivity, as they will not question your orders. It’s based on this Swedish (of course) study, which the author admits to not having actually read (of course). This is a must read. We’d also love to hear your opinions on the matter!

Buzzfeed vs. Facebook

Buzzfeed recently posted an article criticizing Facebook for not informing their users about how many people actually see their posts. According to the article “feedback is crucial for the system to work” and people need to know how many people see what they are posting in order to better understand just how interesting they actually are.

Facebook shot back saying that most of their users (Company Pages not included of course) do not care how many people have seen their posts, only how many of them have clicked the Like button. According to Facebook, not sharing things like reach and ratios of Likes to Views keeps the user experience positive.

As much as I think it is important to track reach and stats for Company Pages and recruiting, when it comes to personal accounts, I have to side with Facebook on this one.

What about you? I’m sure you have an opinion, let us know in the comments!