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Social Recruiting Round Up!

Posted by Samara Parker
May 28th, 2014

Combat those midweek doldrums by taking a little break and reading our top five recent social recruiting blog posts.

Taking breaks throughout the day has been proven by the internet science to increase productivity!

And if that isn't a good enough excuse; all of these  articles are HR related, so basically you are still working…

Even if Tim Sackett's article does have you laughing so hard you spit coffee all over your key board!

Tim’s recent re-write of the classic commencement speech is funny and true (the greatest combo since pancakes and bacon!) Check it out, and let me know if you agree that his redux is far more inspiring than the bland original.

Warning – There are swear words in Tim’s post. They are not flagrant, but they do exist, in case that bothers you.

Speaking of the hilarious men of HR, Andy Headworth has a new article up that begs the question: Is your ego affecting your social media recruiting? 

Also, his twitter banner looks like this now:

Blog social-recruiting-round-up

Andy’s new banner makes a strong first impression, which is important in all aspects of life, but, especially during a job interview.

According to Kris Dunn: “Executives say ten minutes is the amount of time it takes for them to form an opinion of job seekers during interviews”,  his article, First Impressions – You’re On the Clock, shares more on this topic.

But what about the impression employers make on candidates? Thanks to the internet, a potential candidate’s first impression often comes from a Google search! And that impression can easily go horribly, horribly wrong.

If you want some cold truths about how you may be turning job seekers off, Shauna Moerke holds nothing back in her post: 11 Reasons Candidates Don’t Want to Work for You!

Let’s end on a fun note with some HR Happy Hour. Steve Boese and Lindsey Pollak discuss the next generation of workers and their transition into leadership roles.

Cocktails are optional, but highly recommended!

BlogTalkRadio with HR Happy Hour

For more tips about recruiting millennials give this article on the Entelo blog: Techniques for Recruiting Millennials.

Happy Link Loving!