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Win Candidates and Influence Applicants

Posted by Samara Parker
June 4th, 2014

Did you know that physicians who are likeable are less likely to be sued?

 “People just don’t sue doctors they like,” according to Alice Burkin, a leading medical malpractice lawyer.

She goes on to give an example of a client who wanted to sue a random specialist, even though her primary care doctor was obviously at fault because, in the clients own words:

“‘I don’t care what she did. I love her, and I’m not suing her.’”

The impression that we make on others dictates our success in life, the workplace, and apparently, even legal matters!

If you are an employer, then you want your employer brand to make a great impression on potential candidates in order to convert them into applicants.

If you are a recruiter, a candidate’s perception of you will influence how they feel about both the job opening you are looking to fill, and the company you are representing.


That’s a whole lot riding on candidate’s opinions, especially when those opinions are often formed in a matter of minutes.

In order to help you radiate awesomeness, and repel potential law suits, we present to you…

5+1 Articles to Help You Win Candidates and Influence Applicants

The first thing you need to take into account when trying to influence applicants is your job post. I am always shocked by the amount of job posts I see that do everything in their power to convince potential candidates to run away. Far, far, far away!

If you would rather candidates run towards your company, rather than flee from it, checkout this helpful post over at Blogging 4 Jobs:

OMG Not Another Sucky Job Posting! 

Language and tone play a key role in how we are perceived; this can get slightly tricky when we are communicating via Twitter, email, or job posting.

Carolyn Kopprasch shares her thoughts on two very commonly used words, their impact on email campaigns, and on the importance of word choice in general on the Buffer Blog:

The Power of Every Word: Why I Stopped Using “Actually” and “But” in my Customer Service Emails

Connecting with people, and connecting people with each other, is what recruiting and social media are all about when it comes right down to it.

There are very few ways to leave a better impression on someone than by connecting them with a new friend, new idea, or new job.

Learn how you can make the kind of impression on a person that will make them want to connect with you:

5 Tips for Better Super-Connecting

Your actions speak louder than words, especially when you are in a position of leadership and authority.

Show employees, both current and potential, that you are the kind of leader they want to follow, with this advice from

Manager’s Mantra: Walk the Talk, Give Credit, Admit When You Don’t Know

Although many popular inspirational quotes would have you believe that first impressions are the only ones that matter, it is not true.

This myth is happily put to rest by Kazim Ladimeji on

First Impressions Count, but Last Impressions Count More

For even more great advice about how you can get on a candidate’s good side, here are 5 more great articles about how to make candidates like you.

Happy Link Loving!