Human Resources Gone Weird: Quirky Interview Questions & Trolling for Talent!

Posted by Samara Parker
March 18th, 2015

I have never been asked a quirky interview question.

Not a single one!

I’d like to think that if I was I would be able to fire back with a witty answer, but after reading through Glass Door’s list of the strange questions job seekers get asked… I’m not sure how I would fair when faced with the quirkier side of human resources.

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The questions, gathered from companies in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and France, range from the unusually specific:

“Can you calculate how many tennis balls are used during the course of Wimbledon?” – Accenture Analyst job candidate.

To the downright weird:

"Is batman a super hero?" – AlphaSights.

Check out the rest of the questions on the Glassdoor blog.

Top Oddball Interview Questions of 2015 – Glassdoor

Another equally interesting, yet admittedly less funny study released this week covers the use of analytics to explain the effect of social media marketing on branding.

You Know Social Media Is Advancing Your Brand—Now Prove It! -  Conference Board of Canada

This new research from the Conference Board of Canada is helpful for anyone who needs to distill and edit data to clearly demonstrate the impact of social media on their business. A great read for anyone looking to improve their social recruiting.

Blog human-resources-gone-weird-quirky-interview-questions-trolling-for-talent

Recruiters – It’s Time to Embrace Your Inner Troll! - Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones explains how human resources can source passive candidates and gain insight into competitors’ employer brands by trolling with a new app called Canary.

Facebook’s Ad Images Checklist - David Cohen

A cheat sheet to help you choose what images to use for your Facebook recruitment adds.

7 Cringe Worthy Crimes LinkedIn Users Make – Marisa Sanfilippo

Are you making any of these LinkedIn blunders?

I was definitely guilty of number 3 when I first joined the network!

#1 Secret To Being A Savvy Recruiter - Careeralism

I was shocked to learn that the answer is not providing candidates with delicious snacks.

According to Careeralism the secret to great recruiting has more to do with the way that you communicate with job seekers than feeding them!

Blog human-resources-gone-weird-quirky-interview-questions-trolling-for-talent

Bonus link because I care about your general happiness as well as your hiring process:

10 Habits That Will Make You Happy Today (Even if Life Isn’t Going Your Way) – Alexander Heyne

I’ve implemented some of these tips already and highly recommend the article.

Happy link loving!