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Social Media CrossFit Style, What HR Really Does, and the Pros of Hiring the Recently Fired

Posted by Samara Parker
July 10th, 2013

I don't know about you, but I am seriously in love with the internet this week.

This is mostly because my best friend just got a dog, so my Instagram feed is extra cute. But that's not all!

Facebook Graph Search is rolling out, which is going to be amazing for Facebook recruiting (and internet stalking), Jobcast is offering 30 days of Premium, completely free, and there are a ton of cool links to love. It really can't get any better than that.

Something I enjoy almost as much as the internet is weightlifting, which is what earned this article the number one spot in this week's Link Love. It's a surprisingly fascinating look at CrossFit's social media strategy. I'll give you a hint — it's even more intense than their notoriously brutal workouts.

On a lighter note, Tim Sackett explains why he actually loves hiring people who'vebeen fired! This article is hilarious, but also makes some very important, yet often neglected points about the hiring process. He reminds us that any candidate with a decent amount of experience will have made some mistakes, and that people who have something to prove work really, really hard. Hard workers make for awesome employees — some pretty interesting logic and definitely worth exploration.

On the subject of recruiting, if you want to land the best candidates, you have to ask yourself what those candidates are looking for in an employer. Or, you could just ask Francesca Fenzi. Her latest article for Inc. outlines some of the key things top performers look for when considering a job offer.

Human resources does a lot more than just fill job openings — trust me. Both of my parents are HR veterans (we've even featured their advice for writing better job posts on our blog), so I know a thing or two. People in HR also play tons of solitaire and make sure the office has decent coffee! Just teasing. Here's a fantastic break down of what HR really does from Fistful of Talent.

And, just to keep with the "fabulous lives of HR" theme we've got going on, this last link is a video following one week in the life of a sourcer by the ever-entertaining Jim Stroud.

Happy hump day!