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HR News, Social Recruiting Stats, and The YouTube Video Awards

Posted by Samara Parker
October 2nd, 2013

I follow a lot of blogs — many of them are related to HR and social media — but just as many of them are not. I also follow too many YouTube channels, and Podcasts. Out of the hundreds that I follow, only one is related to HR, because most HR podcasts and HR YouTube channels are just too boring for words (Jim Stroud is the hilarious exception to that rule, so check him out)!  A few of them are specifically about social media, but most cover a broad range of topics.

I consider this kind of engagement with media an essential part of my job. And though I certainly don’t charge for the time I spend listening to Planet Money (please, please, please listen to Planet Money, it’s amazing!), that time still positively affects my ability to keep this blog relevant, engage with our Twitter community, and keep our Facebook content varied and interesting.

In today’s social media driven culture, it’s more important than ever to stay plugged in to a broad range of media and topics in order to remain relevant.  Heck, Gen Y is about to take over the workforce, and you had better know what their interests are if you want to snap up all of the best millennial talent!

On that note, here are a bunch of the best articles about social media, HR, and other interesting trends I’ve read this past week:

We’ll start on topic with this interesting post by the very lovely HR pro, Nisha Raghavan, about how stealing your competitors’ star employees may not benefit your company at all.

Now to get a little off-topic, here are 24 ways you can relieve your tech stress! Nothing to do with HR specifically, but recruiting is stressful work, and kicking some of that stress in the butt is a great way to become more productive. The article is presented in partnership with a pretty cool new healthy living web app called whil, created by the founder of Lululemon. Definitely check out their site if you want to see incredible branding in action, oh, and if you want to relax and stuff.

Let’s get back to recruiting for a minute with Talent HQs’ round up of 45 mobile recruiting tips and trends. That’s a whole lot of information to help make your social recruiting more mobile-friendly. If you get overwhelmed, I highly recommend using Jobcast Premium to make your Facebook recruiting mobile-friendly in a jiffy. I also recommend using the word jiffy whenever possible!

Oh, and did you know that YouTube is going to host its own music awards show? Bet you can’t guess what it’s called! Yes, you are correct; it is called the YouTube Music AwardsVery creative, YouTube! This is the kind of stuff you need to know about if you’re going to relate to all those new Gen Y employees you are about to hire.

The topic of our final link is a strange combination of sci-fi paranoia, social media, and human resources, which seems perfect for this particular Link Love. Are You Going to be Replaced by a Robot? is written by Steve Boese, so not only is the meshing of topics perfect, the writing is also wonderfully witty, although sadly lacking in alliteration.

That’s all the Links I’ve got for this week. Next week’s theme will probably have something to do with how sick I’m getting of everyone talking about pumpkin spiced lattes, unless you have a better idea. Let us know in the comments!