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Make Your Job Post Viral

Posted by Samara Parker
November 19th, 2012

When exactly did “viral” become a positive word? It still makes me think of the flu! But, in the world of social media, everyone wants their creations to go viral.  That’s why how-tos about creating viral videos, memes, blog posts and tweets are so very popular. That is why I am blogging about viral job postings; It’s to please the masses… Otherwise I would be blogging about teacup kittens and the latest James Bond flic (It was pretty awesome by the way. The kimodo scene!).

How do you make a job posting viral? HOW?!?! 

Well, first things first, you need to use the internet. No, not just for streaming Dexter and perfecting your Gangnam Style dance — not that those things aren’t important. You need to be on the internet creating a web presence, promoting your company, and generally making yourself known. We have tons of posts on how to do that already, so, if you don’t have a blogTwitterbranded Facebook Career Page, and/or Pinterest account, that’s step number one. If you have no community to share with, you’ll have no one to contaminate!

Presuming that you have all your networking ducks in a row, we can move on to step number two:


No one wants to share boring content. No one. People do all the time, but usually it is about themselves, so they are under the false impression that what they are sharing is extremely interesting (see my teenage selfs’ Live-journal for a perfect example!).

Most job descriptions are a total snore. Position Title, Summary, Essential Functions, Qualificationzzzzzzzzz… Unless these details are accompanied by a ridiculously generous salary, the chance a post like this is going to be shared once, let alone go viral, is pretty darn slim. To make your job post interesting you need a hook. Brag about your sunny location, great vacation policy, amazing staff parties, or your world-class foosball table! What does this position offer your desired candidate that no other position does?

This company used its generous vacation policy to make their job posting go viral, worked like a charm. Using images to describe a job post like this campaign does is another great way to stand out from the crowd. It’s especially effective for sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

My current favorite tool in the social recruiting tool belt is video! Companies, like this one, are using recruiting videos that show off their awesome company culture to attract talent.

Once you have a stellar post, Pinboard, or recruiting video ready to go, it’s time to get social. Post on all of your networks, promote on popular search engines and job boards, and don’t forget to leverage your connections. If you know people in the field you are currently hiring for, ask them to share your post. Get in touch with “influencers” and ask for their advice and help. Ask other employees to share the post on their social networks.

Be social!

Being social means starting conversations. So, once you post your job and chat up your connections, don’t hole-up in quarantine — connect. Be present on Facebook and Twitter to respond to questions applicants may have. Banter wittily. Post more photos and comment on the status of your talent hunt! Be the best virus-spreader you can be by continuing to sneeze (digitally, of course) on everyone through every available channel.

Now, just in case all this talk of coughing and going viral has you feeling a bit queasy, I’m going to sign off with this recipe for delicious chicken soup, yummers.